In the form field “Occupation” in the customs I've put “Harlequin”. 
The policeman asked me what it means.
I answered: “this is what I'm doing already for many years in a theatre”.
“You should write 'an Actor' ”, said he.
I apologized. He smiled.
Going away from his desk I was feeling his glare on my back.
And I suddenly realised that I'm walking differently. Lighter, snappier…
as if I was 300 years younger.


Idea, Conception   Anton Adasinsky & DEREVO
Played by   Anton Adasinsky
Elena Yarovaya
Anna Budanova
Sound design   Daniel Williams
Light   Igor Fomin
Stage & props   Andrey Bobylev
Costumes   Anna Frumson
Management   Isolde Matkey / Anna Bogodist



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