KETZAL origins are: voices, morning mist, walls of rain, and everything what was before it.
Participants: DEREVO Sound design:  Daniel Williams (UK)
Light: Falk Dittrich (DE), Elena Iarovaia.

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Approaching the main… I'm lying on my belly. My face is hidden between the knees of a woman. My eyes press against her knees. All the time you must hide yourself in a coffin, a cave, a grave, a vagina of the Earth. To be squeezed, to be buried. // To the main point… // Smash her with rocks into splinters. A bone, flesh. The birds will eat the rest. Nothing to soak in anymore. // To look for confirmation. // That all has become more simple and father away. It is not as important to die at the edge of the pea field. // To tighten that huge… to the beard, to the braid, to the helm… with a comb. Hop, hop. To not let our legs touch each other… not too late. Not too late. // I do not go. I am being led. They're being led and those are being led too. // A cheese in a stocking hardens but it was fluid once. To slop it around, to smear myself with it, with a me-knife… and to swim in me.