Press Quotes for VERTICAL-2004

“This is a performance about the life of each human being compressed into 2 hours. This is a performance about laughter where the spectator can only partly laugh. This is a performance about the unfathomable love of a human being to his death.”

“Peterburg na Nevskom”

“Derevo has been always doing that which is impossible to fit into any frame”

“Nevskoje Vremya”

“Adassinski” is now days a code name on which real masters of contemporary culture respond to. Petersburg has a real chance to acquire not only a topic festival but a more stable and essencially needed stronghold of contemporary art.”


“The art of “looking right inside your-self” belongs to Anton Adassinski on the stage and in real life. In his creation and vision he is a man of fire.”

“Komsomolskaja Pravda”

“La Divina Comedia” is a dynamic, sharp, unpredictable and cruel performance, with thousands different moods and a great number of straight-forward questions to the spectator. Everyone watching it has a chance to experience a moment of eternity”

“Sankt-Peterburgskije Vedomosti”

“From amongst such a wide variety of physical theatres nobody achieves such a strong expression”


“Derevo are professionals and can teach many things.”


“Performance after Dante`s “La Divina commedia” is the most horrible and tender from all I have seen by Derevo, a sound of roaring animal instinct and splashing with deathly coldness. The divinity is hidden behind the Italian name La Divina of Dante. This typical for Adassinski,who always hiding his thoughts about “high” behind infernal dances and circus tricks.”

“Novaja Gazeta”

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