13 January

Adam ReadAdam, Yael, Gala and Buda have performed in the Projekttheater in Dresden with their solo works: "Three scars in the soul".

Max and FigaOne of the task was to workLighttogether with a composer (Daniel Williams, Edinburgh), and to make the light and stage design.

The second group of the members of DEREVO Laboratorium has performed Gala and Budain St. Petersburg, in the Peter & Paul Fortress with an action "VERTEP".

DEREVO goes on tourGala to Germany and the Lab's members are performing again in St.Petersburg in the PLATFORMA Club on 13th and 19th of January.

And I received a letter. A paper one. In an envelope. YaelWith a post stamp. The letter is written by the hand of a clerk. It's from my friend from Iran. She doesn't know how to write.Five leaves left...

Original text: Anton Adasinsky
Images: Elena Yarovaya and/or DEREVO

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