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NOW in the PAST (news archive)

English text editor: Sean Crosky
Original text: Anton Adasinsky and/or DEREVO
Images: Elena Yarovaya and/or DEREVO


April, 20

The relations between DEREVO and Russia have escalated, similar to the story of Archimedes in his bath. The more you go in, the more you are left out. Or like a newly married couple who straight from the registry to smoke whilst waiting for a divorce. Anton's Birthday. The labyrinths of rooms. A knight peeking in the window. A strange controversy: if you speak with a friend-astronaut from a neighbouring galaxy, it may be the fact that he has already been dead for a thousand years... "Legend of Love" ballet danced and described by Darya Pavlenko in the kitchen will never be demoded... The jealous sound of the taxi which takes DEREVO away. And I'm sure that the blue "ZIL" lorries are still watering the city in the mornings. But we are still sleeping at that time...

Dear DEREVO fans, whoever stole the Death mask after the "ONCE..." performance? Give it back, please, or you may fall terribly ill.

  "The first try-out  for the new film is  in progress..." "A bird, a dog and a human..." Darya Pavlenko, the soloist of Mariinsky (Kirov) ballet
Together with students of St. Petersburg state theatre arts Academy (Anton Adasinsky in the centre and professor Elena Markova on the left) "in the yard..."

April, 5

Windmills are the symbol of desire. The desire to fly away transforms into the energy. The desire of people to see DEREVO in Russia transformed into the right energy - and here we are. With evergreen "ONCE..." and with the new show "ISLANDS in the STREAM". The music to this latest production has just been released on CD. It was mixed at the Hotel "Astoria" in Budapest. At 4 o'clock in the morning the mixing was finished. But a neighbour knocked on the door and asked us not to turn off the music. He just couldn't imagine the rest of the night without it...

  Energy of the Wind "Welcome to St. Petersburg" "ISLANDS in the STREAM Soundtrack", CD cover
Gorkovskaya undeground station A birth of "ISLANDS in the STREAM" soundtrack CD (Windows Media Video, 422 Kb)
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