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Translation to English: Elena Kolmakova
Original text: Anton Adasinsky and/or DEREVO
Images: various authors, Elena Yarovaya and/or DEREVO


July, 30

There's a coffee shop on Dublin street. Not so far from our residence. Can't sleep well in Edinburgh; I usually woke up about seven. Shower, short run…and - to the coffee shop. Some coffee with milk, marvelous muffin and the owner at the same time picks out newspapers with articles on "DEREVO" and puts them on my table. He takes himself coffee too and we read simultaneously. He's never seen any of "DEREVO" performances due to work/work/work, but he worries and comments the press passionately. Year 1997 - "Red Zone". Year 1998 - "Once". Year 2002 - "La divina commedia". Year 2003 - "Islands in the stream". Hope that I will meet him again. There is a clock hanging at the wall, but it shows I don't know what. To know the time you need to look almost in the owner's face. There's a mirror above him. The clock reflects in it. That day he was fixing something, murmuring. I didn't get the language. First time for five years I asked him where he's from. "Far from here, there used to be Sumerian Kingdom before…"

  Nikolay Lobachevsky Pierre de Ferma
Albert Einstein Isaac Newton
Max Planck A new project of Tanya Khabarova - "Stepan Gautier's Diary" is available now in german and russian. Refer to the accroding versions of the site, please.

July, 10
"ISLANDS in the STREAM", Poland, June 2003 - photo Filip LepkowiczNikita Khroustchev's name was mentioned several times this month. With no connection to the present matter. We thought – why? Perhaps because of colours and energy of Poland?... We are all like semi-transparent termites-actors in tobacco smoke of actors' club of The Malta Festival.

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. Such feeling as if a thousand people are spitting and yelling at you all at once. I recall an old photo: "Led Zeppelin" are sitting at the stairs of Louvre. They are intently smoking in a crooked poses. The excursion is over. The journalist: "How was that?". Jimmy Page: "We're much better".

Plenty of children around. They're strong and smart.

DEREVO started the work on the first photoalbum. Elena Yarovaya is the Author. In the end of August will also appear the second DEREVO's CD – "The Rider". The first one – "Islands in the stream" – is sold out in Poland.

  After "Islands..." in Warsaw Janucz Marek  
"ISLANDS in the STREAM", Poland, Malta Festival 2003, photo K. Sicorska At the Museum of Contemporary Art, Warsaw
Mirror room "Ten to twelve..."
One step further... "A boy" "Hands" "Hair" "A Tap" "A ship" "A tank"