15 August

It's beautiful in Scotland.

They called me late at night. Said Sashka is dead in Moscow. A car ran him over. I wasn't surprised. There were only six left from the original eight.

The story is not complicated. We DEREVO were already about to leave, abandoning many people without any explanations. Still I got together with friends from a hippie gang but it was getting claustrophobic with them. Their concentrated hate toward reality, toward the society, was impossible to bear. One of our girls fell in love with those shining teeth of spite, with Sashka. In a month she came to me crying. We drank a bit.

What happened? I asked.
He bit me completely.
You always knew he would, I said. Why do you cry then?
They've destroyed him. He has begun to piss in an underground, despised for his barking.

I gave him a ring. But the company was off to a village, Kalishki? Kulichki?... We went too. When they got back to Moscow they returned to being dogs. They sprang upon the cars at the Hotel "Rossija ". I've seen them once. They slept on a lawn, ragged and filthy. I didn't come near. I recognised Sashka because of his pointed shoulders. He raised his head, snarled, yawned and started to look into me. I was not cold and I was ashamed of my clothes, of my human form. I thought to invite him to our performance, to say that we fight for souls as we are able to, as we can, through to the end.

I didn't invite him.

And... honestly, it's beautiful in Scotland.

Anton flies... Calanais standing stones
Everyone has a dog... Gellik road sign
At the local pub... Master Ed Bersudsky
The road is too narrow... Water of Loch Lomond

Original text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Jennifer Williams

Images: Elena Yarovaya

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