15 November

Cafe in the Port of Brighton. Chairs do not shuffle on the floor here.
Joni doesn't drink much. Just a man, and his elbows are
firmly placed on the table.
He's married with (to) the sea.
And nobody jokes about it.

Joni's eyes are white.
His left fist is always clenched,
his deadly smile is of silver.

The seiner is small. About a two hundred HPS engine.
They trawled mainly for codfish.
He, as a machinist and three people more. They need not have been counted.
They spat into the sea, and they slept long.

A dingy photo was pinned up in his berth. A girl with someone else.
Whether had it been cut from a magazine or it was really taken
somewhere but the guys stole the photo and hanged some crappy stuff there.

He slaughtered the whole crew (so they called themselves).
The bodies he threw overboard.
They irritated him somehow.
He drove the ship to the shore but didn't land.
He waited, smoked, bathed, looked for the photo.

And he kept still at the court but wrote something.
He became slim and severe.

The ship is running again. Joni's cabin is clean.
Everyone knows the story
and takes it seriously.

I love you all


the boats Coins, permission and the SIM-card
ISLANDS at the Gardner Art Centre. Photo - Anna Bogodist There is always a choice...
A very strange picture. Photo - Dan Shelton ISLANDS at the Gardner Art Centre. Photo - Anna Bogodist
ISLANDS at the Gardner Art Centre. Photo - Anna Bogodist A view from the Hotel in Brighton
5 November

3 hours to the show. A quite usual talk.

Anton. Moyo-san, today you go after Tanya.

Moyo-san. And where is she?

Anton. She'll be here soon.

Moyo-san. And how does she ends her dance?

Enter Tanya

Tanya. How do you do? I do 5 minutes today on the stage. No title. Di and Ga, you stand on the stage with your backs to the audience showing the utmost suspicion. Wear the wet black coats.

Moyo-san. Tanya-san, I'll enter after your 5 minutes and please do not hasten to exit.

Tanya. The green slips and the plastic knife.

Koichi Tamano. At the end everyone must attack me.

Anton. What about music? The sound team is asking for the programme.

Koichi Tamano. More music!

Dima Tyulpanov. Zulu-san, grip my heel and I'll try to drag you.


Anton. I ask you all to be more careful. Yesterday one TV-camera and several wineglasses were broken during the performance in the foyer.

The Japanese (in chorus). O-o-oh!

Anton. Audience comes in half an hour. If you have some proposals for light forget it. There's no time.

Lena Yarovaya. We do have much time.

Dima, Zulu, Anton, Moje and Kudoi. Photo - A. Khokhlova
Tanya Khabarova and Moje Yamamoto. Photo - A. Khokhlova
I love you. Photo - A. Taran
Music Hall (St. Petersburg) in VERTICAL.  Photo - A. Khokhlova
Lena Yarovaya and Buda. Photo - Idit Herman
KETZAL. Photo - A. Bogodist
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Original text: Anton Adasinsky & DEREVO
English text editor: Jennifer Williams
Images: A. Khokhlova, A. Taran, A. Bogodist, Idit Herman

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