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For anyone who is interested in booking DEREVO: Please don't hesitate to contact us – whatever is possible we try to make possible, because we love to play as much as we can !!!

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16 March Anton Adasinskiy participates in the Freakstadt Nr. 7, Societaetstheater, Dresden (DE)  
21 March, 17:00 Two Questions to God, open-air performanceby Anton Adasinsky & Alena Vorobieva as part of the BACHintheCITY Festival, in front of the Bussmannkapelle, Dresden (DE)  (new)
23 & 24 March, 20:00 MEPHISTO WALTZ, T-Werk, Potsdam (DE). Tickets online »»  (new)
28 & 29 March, 20:00 MEPHISTO WALTZ, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE) Tickets online »»  (new)
7 April, 19:00 & 21:00 Parallel Worlds - work in progress - new solo by Anton Adasinsky, based on the film "Midwhite" by Pavel Semchenko, Nancy-Spiro-Saal Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE) - as part of the 7th Long Night of Theatres in Dresden  (new)
20 April Short solo by Anton Adasinsky at the 27th Dance Week in Dresden (DE) (option)
21 April Two Questions to God - solo by Anton Adasinsky at the 27th Dance Week in Dresden (DE) (option)
16 - 18 May Russian premiere of the new show by Anton Adasinsky, ERARTA Stage, St. Petersburg (RU)  (new)
June LAST CLOWN ON EARTH, Mime Festival, Warsaw (PL) (option)
8 & 9 June LAST CLOWN ON EARTH, Platonov Festival / TYUZ, Voronezh (RU) (updated)
16 - 18 November 25 years of DEREVO in Dresden / Introduction of the new project by Anton Adasinsky, Societaetstheater, Dresden (DE)  (new)
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