NOW - 18.01.2018 - We know everything…

18. 01. 2018

Photo - Elena Yarovaya


How wonderful. The number Pi!
Now we know everything!
No more secrets, everything has been revealed!
All questions answered!
Even if they were never asked!
Now we know names, prices, how many freckles Amelia has, the temperature on Phobos, we know that tomorrow is Tuesday,
We know Odin’s DNA, we know there are five fingers, six senses and seven sins.
We know four wives are allowed.
And that there will be no war on 16th of March.

We know that everything is possible!!
And we know that we don’t need to do anything.

People have made a lot!
So much. Much is already broken or rusted.
No problem! We’ll produce more!
Everything is counted, painted, discarded, bought, used, hidden, resold, shared, smothered in kisses and forgotten.


Photo - Elena Yarovaya


In Leipzig the police shot down a drone flying over the city centre.
It crashed with its cargo – a teddy bear.
Someone wanted to deliver a gift in an original way.
Well?? Come on, go to the shop, buy a second bear and march forward!
On foot, as you were!
To personally dispatch the gift into happy little hands.

That’s it!
Everybody’s free, at last.
No need to think or gossip, to search for the truth, clarifiy. Nothing to talk or exchange opinions about.

We know everything!



2017 for me was four kg of Plutonium.
Not enough critical mass.
And then, finally, it exploded, and this shimmering haze suddenly condensed in my head, the mosaic began to melt, and mixing in wonderful streaks, the lava of ravings and consciousnesses flowed down to the shore of my one and only river, hissed on the wet sand and began to cool.
I’ll wait for a while
And then I’ll hop over the still warm stone into the water
To bathe.


Photo - Julia Obraztsova


Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: David Kemp
Photos: Elena Yarovaya, Julia Obraztsova

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  1. Наталья Says:

    Здравствуйте! Как Ващи дела? Продлили контракт в Дрездене? Когда же в России?????