9 AUGUST 2002
30_Scotsman _09-08-2002-1.jpg
set number of Fringe Firsts -
next week we may announce
two or even ten. But this
week, these are our strongest
recommendations. At least
two Scotsman reviewers have
to see a show before it can be
awarded a Fringe First.

The awards will be
presented to the companies
at 12:30pm today by Alan
Davies, currently appearing
on the Fringe in the play
Auntie and Me (please note:
this is a change to the time
published in the Scotsman on
Tuesday). The event is open to
the public and free, and
anyone with an interest in
Fringe theatre is welcome to
attend Further Fringe First
awards will be announced on
Friday 16 August, and the
following week we will
announce our First of the
Firsts award, given to the best
piece of new writing on the


Today we are delighted to
announce the first of this
year's Scotsman Fringe First
awards, which recognise
outstanding new writing in
the Fringe's theatre and
physical theatre categories.
Our reviewers go to see more
Fringe performances than
anyone else, and have been
spending this first week of
the Festival debating the
merits of hundreds of shows
before choosing the five
winners below. There is no

with the sheer power of
their imagery - as seen on
the front cover of Monday's
Festival supplement. "Some
of Derevo's images came
flying through my dreams
last night and I already feel
drawn to go back," wrote
Joyce McMillan.

Back to the beginning...
La Divina Commedia
Assembly Big Top, until 26

An unusual (and hotly
debated) choice for a new
writing award, given that rhe
show contains no dialogue,
but Russian physical theatre
group Derevo won us over