Cine - Poetry

One time you find yourself in a park, on a bench, looking into space, and for a second you forget which country you are in, whether it's morning or evening; you are pierced by a pang of loneliness, your heart becomes light and sad, what is important separates out from all the noise of the world, and the slipping, sliding shadows fill with meaning profound...

Words come to mind...

"South. Border" is my present to myself, a little window to the house I will never be able to build, a house of silver and light.

A preface

"... in that country things fade
or even disappear
when people start
to forget about them..."

Inspired by not written
books of
Jorge Luis Borges

Filmed in Italy, Georgia, Netherlands and in Dresden

  16 mm White-and-Black

'Süd.Grenze' was premiered on 02.02.01 at the Göteborg Film Festival
Participant of Moscow International Film Festival in June 2001
Participant of Munich Film Festival in July 2001
Participant of Hawaii Film Festival in November 2001

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