Press quotes:

"...This thoughtful, beautiful performance of semiconnected scenes, presenting the sea as a metaphor for a space where life can be observed, was frequently interrupted by applause."

John Freedman, "St.Petersburg Times" (RUS)

"...Brilliantly scored, gorgeously lit and performed with superlative skill by four core actors, this is Derevo's danciest, most delicate show yet."

Donald Hutera, "The Times" (UK)

"'s a feeling of the Universe forrowed far and wide, incised with a ship's bow just like with a scalpel...

Olga Gerdt, "Gazeta" (RUS)

"...four performers who clown, dance, and mime their way through copious visual jokes and fragments of dream-like beauty..."

Mary Brennan, "The Herald", (UK)

"...a general mood of "ISLANDS" is definitely lyrical..."

Roman Dolzhansky, "Kommersant" (RUS)

"...what a virtuosic and unforgettable experience of total theatrical bewitchment.."

Ismene Brown, "The Daily Telegraph" (UK)

"From comical to tragical, from trivial to deeply philosophical, from ephemeral to eternal - it's just one step. But you've made it. Bravo!"

Galina Sergeeva, spectator.

"...A happiness and a health from the paintings of Alexander Deineka are mixing with a morbid inscrutability of Rene Magritte' works..."

Elena Gubaidullina, "Izvestia" (RUS)

"...With this shimmering, near-cinematic vision, Derevo give us a sea that is beautiful and cruel all at once..."

Ellie Carr, "The Sunday Herald" (UK)

Everyone in snow white, sunny, clear and unusual light. Like you really walk on the water…

Maria Bredikhina, “Ekran i scena” (RU)

This performance circumscribes the limit of solitude, an open-eyed dream

"Il Manifesto" (IT)

In Islands Derevo returns more lyrically and dreamlike to the dance, describing with the movement of the body the isolation and pride of man.

Valentina Grazzini, "L´Unita Firenze" (IT)

Through the dance, the mime and plentiful visual games, they suceed with intensity and skill in constructing images of rare beauty.

Dante Bigagli, "Metropoli" (IT)

Derevo’s principle characteristic is a movement that wants to express introspection. The interpreters crawl on the floor, roll, are at the centre of archaic feelings. The actor-dancers are extraterrestrials, lost on some planet or in some disco.

Roberto Incerti, "La Republica" (IT)

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