“Adasinsky was able to find such a powerful physical equivalent to those incomprehensible images from the poem by Arseny Golenischev-Kutuzov, where the Death simultaneously caresses and buries the ones, that it seems to me even if Mephisto Waltz was only consisting of the very first scene, this chronologically most recent work by DEREVO could hardly be named anything but a masterpiece.”

Dmitry Rennansky, Kommersant


“Sempre piano, leggiero e fantastico (“to be performed quietly, lightly and fantastically“ – tempo remark in the score of Mephisto Waltz by Franz Liszt) – this is rather corresponding with what Adasinsky and DEREVO do... Quietly, ligthly and fantastically they perform a mystery of a chirping Good and screaming Evil”.

Olga Shervud, Vedomosti St Petersburg


“...frightening and cutting images are alternated with poetic, almost tender ones...”

Svetlana Schagina, St Petersburg Theatre Journal


“not a grim vision but a beautiful fairy-tale where once again the fruitful Life is triumphing...”

Tomas Petzold , Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten


“Throught the world there's an abyss goes. A field runs over the stage up to the skies... Mephisto Waltz is another grand piece...”

Uwe Salzbrenner , Sächsische Zeitung


“This night with DEREVO was terrific. Death, Heavens, Love, Mourning, Comedy, Butoh, Miming, Waltz, Grotesque, Folklore, Russia – how can it be joined and balanced together?”

Sebastian Göschel, / Leipziger Volkszeitung


“The fight with the demons (the name Mephisto refers to “he who shuns the light”) ends in a victory of a new life, of light and beauty.

Mieke Kreunen, CultuurpodiumOnline


“Derevo is still unruly as before, but in the meantime it’s a higher form of unruliness which asks for a deep respect.”

Jacob Haagsma, De Leeuwarder Courant