A fairy tale about:

Arkasha, the main character of "ONCE..."

I dedicate this creation to all the clowns
and particularly to Slava Polunin and 'Licedei'
with whom I spent some remarkable years in 1980's.

Anton Adasinsky

So... a tale was born…

It happened. Two people fell in love. The world woke up, sensing Love… The cave dragons, the mountain clouds, the cardboard-policemen and nine sea-captains, the cheeky-judge, the beacon-hut, the dumb-head on wheels and the self taught Cupid… “Lida” the Leg and “Boris” the Unicorn... all came to gaze at Love.

But She and He felt cramped in this world, flying away on a pocket comet they searched for the "City of Sweethearts".

They ascended higher and higher in the sky. Passed the floating castle of the weeping fish, on a flying cactus between the giant leg gates of Piero, she slipped, he grabbed her by the arm and she vanished in his palm...

Only that she slept during the day and he at night. They did not dare to wake each other, but just whispered the dreams to one other.he dreamed of being a hero, she dreamt of being a princess, whispering their dreams to eachother they did not dare to wake and succumb to the bloody battle that ragged…

During one of the many nasty weathered days, the lightning of love struck down their hearts and this tale drifts through the laughter and tears from the clumsy cupid, the elegant evil and the picky death, till the unknown end.

“ONCE…” – is a fairytale dedicated to the eternal child living in us all.