The Press about "ONCE...":

"Derevo's Once ist absolutely stunning. It's the best of the best, not just of mime, it's own genre, but the whole theatre-arts shooting match

"The Scotsman"

"A love song to your soul".

"The List"

"It's kitsch, it's clever. Go at least once"

"The Independent"

"Put Adassinski an co down for an Olivier Award nomination. May they return soon". 

"The Daily Telegraph"

The decoration (Maxim Issaev, St. Petersburg) has been compared to paintings of Dali, the music ranges from sea-sounds to well known rock numbers and the five actors on stage appear in so many different characters that you have the impression of seing a big company. With all this not one word is spoken during the performance: A "wordless has gainedder of new theatre"

"The Scotsman"

"People prefer to experience love, however fatal it may be, than living a whole lifetime without knowing it. The love story that DEREVO illustrates is so heart piercing and touching,that it makes audiences lovesick."

"Kookmin Ilbo", Seoul, Korea

"The actors are frequently showing off the sense of reality of their performing arts"

"Chosun Ilbo", Seoul, Korea

Awarded with:

"Asociación Mexicana de Criticos d Teatro" gave ONCE... the "Premio a lo mejor del teatro internacional en el ano 2000".
"Fringe First" & "Herald Angel", Edinburgh Festival Fringe 1998
Public Prize ARENA Festival Erlangen (Germany) 1997
Public Prize "Wandertheater"- Festival Radebeul (Germany) 1997
People have laughed and cried on this show in:

Russia, Korea, Mexico, China, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Poland, France, Great Britain, Brasil, Niederland, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Finland, Spain.
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