The Press about "REFLECTION"
"...Digesting Khabarova's iconographic stage images is an amazingly filling experience... the fifty-minute performance is at once sensual, spiritual, ephemeral and indelible. 

March issue of Dance Europe (UK) by Donald Hutera
"... an inovation of very own instincts that the blood stops in your veins..."

Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten , Frank Jast, 5. June 2000
"... what's striking about DEREVO's work is the high percision and the love to well thought details which makes this theatre so inspiring..."

Sächsische Zeitung, Timo Heimerdinger, 5. October 1999
"...the imagination takes a walk by the meander of a capricious mythology, on a twisted string between the Antiquity and the Apocalypse.

The gesture - neither theatre neighter dance - is unbridled until the absolute and never ostentatious in the disquieting world of Tanja Khabarova, where an elastic, fine and farcical temporarily reigns."

La Libre Belgique, M.Ba., 26. August 1999
A tiny, mercurial and quite magical presence, the elfin Khabarova now goes it alone – a treat for anyone who's previously been amazed and charmed by her particular blend of innocence, friskiness and poignancy.  
  Mary Brennan, “The Herald”, August 2004
There is an inner strength buried deep within this delicate Russian creature which makes her a most beguiling performer.  
  Kelly Apter, “The Scotsman”, August 2004
What Khabarova gives is less a performance than an offering: an hour of truth.  
  Elizabeth Schwyzer, “The List”, August 2004
Beautiful and innovative, arguably to the point of being pretentious and self indulgent, Reflection astounds, baffles and disturbs its viewers.  
  Sarah Ream, “Fest”, August 2004
Khabarova’s Reflection on Creation evolves through each spectator’ subsequent self-reflection.  
  Fiona O’Hanlon, “Edinburgh Guide”, August 2004
Newest press from EDINBURGH FESTIVAL FRINGE 2004
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