A story of a long dress called Robert

The dress is in love with Squirrel – a brave paper aeroplane pilot. The dress has neither arms to be a boxer, nor legs to dance.

It values people according to their throats and reads books about Indians. The dress is dreaming of quicksilver and the shattered glass watch. It is squeamish and arrogant. It doesn't want to be like
DEREVO. Its blood is wine and it believes it can speak French…

Actually this performance is the same charming and well-thought-out act as the night riverboat trip a pair of lovers takes beneath the rain…
Simple jazz is pouring out of the radio. This song will roam my heart till the end of my days, because my lips are wet and water runs under my collar.

It seems to me I see dreams no more, or my life has turned into a dream
(I've forgotten to put the full stop)