2017, June
St. Petersburg (RU)
WOLVES' TANGO 2017 Played and danced all through the Mikhailovsky Garden in the historic city centre of St. Petersburg at the AVANTGARDENS Festival by the Russian Museum St. Petersburg

2014, June
Voronezh (RU)
MIDNIGHT BALANCE 2014 Entirely new version of DEREVO's classic open-air action played during the Platonov Festival in Voronezh (Russia)

2011, April,
Dresden (DE)
DROP in the OCEAN The new production by DEREVO at the Festspielhaus Hellerau in Dresden was dedicated to the modern russian folklore and at the same time it’s a nostalgic contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the first space flight of human, as well as to the 50th Anniversary of the city partnership between St. Petersburg and Dresden.

2011, March,
Dresden (DE)
TOTENTANZ 2011 The next DEREVO action as part of the TOTENTANZ project, Dreikonigskirche, Dresden
see also TOTENTANZ 2001 ("CROSSING")

2010, June
Dresden (DE)

The "second edition" of the project. Exclusively for the Zwingerteich area (the pond at the Zwinger Palace) in the centre of Dresden DEREVO together with specially invited dancers, artists and musicians creates a magically moving night world, inspired by history, water and architecture.

2009, November,
Glasgow (UK) - Dresden (DE)

Project with parallel performances in the dungeons under the Glasgow main station and in the Dresdner Kasematten.

"We don't want to shock the audience, we'd rather tell them that there's everything in their own souls and memories already. People are free to decide by themselves which particular note from this crazy action will touch their hearts and will last forever..."

2009, September,
Radebeul (DE)
JESTERS EMPIRE Much wood, much fire, much wine. 8000 people came to watch the fire show at the annual wine festival of Radebeul and the DEREVO's open-air performance.

2009, June,
Dresden (DE)
WHITE FORTRESS Exclusively for the Zwingerteich area (the pond at the Zwinger Palace) in the centre of Dresden DEREVO together with specially invited dancers, artists and musicians creates a magically moving night world, inspired by history, water and architecture. Over 1000 people audience each night.

2008, May,
Dresden (DE)
WINDROSE Old military Zone: walking–standing--non-sitting performance in a labyrinth, on a lawn and in a basin.

2008, May,
Kiev (UA)
WOLVES' TANGO, Kiev (UA) A dance action by DEREVO and invited dancers in the former industrial building in Kiev, Ukraine. As part of the GogolFest. First appearance of DEREVO in the Ukraine

2007, September,
Dublin (IE)
WHITE GARDEN Opening Dublin Fringe Festival on the water of the Old Dock. Few thousands audience.

2007, July,
Mannheim (DE)
WHEEL of POWER Exclusively for the 400th Anniversary of the City of Mannheim in 2007 DEREVO together with the installation artists from Holland, members of Technology & Arts Festival Robodock, as well as with the Performance Masters – AKHE from St.Peterbsurg created a magically moving world.

2007, March,
Dresden (DE)
TOTENTANZ 07 DEREVO action as part of the TOTENTANZ project, Dreikonigskirche, Dresden (DE)
see also TOTENTANZ 2001 ("CROSSING")

2007, March,
MAD_in_RUSSIA After "MAD in JAPAN" project in St. Petersburg DEREVO came to Japan with a project "Mad_in_Russia". And there are lots of things happened on that days.

2006, September,
St. Petersburg (RU)
JUST LIKE THIS DEREVO Action as part of the Festival "VERTICAL 2006 - Stop in Time" in St. Petersburg. Joint improvisations with the masters of the traditional indian dance, Sandjay Bhattacharya and his theatre SRABOSTI. Organized by Arts Centre "BEREG"

2006, July,
Dresden (DE)
KLARHEIT (Clarity) DEREVO Action in the Hygiene Museum. Dedication to the Goddes Hygiene.

2006, July,
Dresden (DE)
LEBEN am FLUSS (Life at the River) Street action on the river Elbe near the Augustus Bridge in Dresden as part of the city's 800th Anniversary Celebrations.

2006, June,
Dresden (DE)
FACE to FACE or MEETING OUR ANCESTORS DEREVO Action at the Goethe-Institut in Dresden. Texts on the bodies: Letters of Max Frisch to his mother. Original music by Daniel Williams. Now also available as a CD.

2006, June,
St. Petersburg (RU)
WOLVES' TANGO Street action as part of the town's summer fair in Kronstadt, near St. Petersburg.

2005, December, Edinburgh (UK) DRUID's CLOCK Co-production with the SHARMANKA Theatre. An action at the Royal Museum in Edinburgh. Supported by Scottish Arts Council.

2005, September - October
St. Petersburg - Dresden.
VERTICAL - MAD in JAPAN Masters of Japanese Butoh + DEREVO

2005, May,
Dresden (DE)
VERTICAL - 2005 The frame is set, let the show begin. The big tent, set by famous German circus Sarrasani, rises nearly as high as Festspielhaus Hellerau. A dozen young artists from different parts of Russia open the festival evenings with their performance. For all film freaks St. Petersburg filmmaker Andrey Nastunichev has curated a programme giving an overview of the contemporary experimental film scene in St. Petersburg, enriched by masters and classics of Russian animation.

2005, March, St.Petersburg (RU) SECOND SUN Together with a Bulthaup Gallery (St. Petersburg). In this project the bodies of DEREVO are living on a stage alonside of the bodies of Things.

2004, September, St.Petersburg (RU) VERTICAL-2004 A big project (about 65 participants) in the Peter and Paul Fortress. Includes DEREVO "La Divina Commedia" performance, DEREVO Laboratorium Group solos, dance on the surface of the Neva river and other actions.

2004, May, Budapest (HU) PURPLE A dance project together with a company of Yvett Boszik. In a park. Awaiting the sunrise.

2003, June, Dresden (DE) Abschied-Party Festspielhaus Hellerau. Ruffianly gleeful action at the end of a long Gala-Concert.

2002, July, San José do Rio Preto (Brasil) Homage to Antonin Artaud Open-air action on a three levels with watermelon and some other fruits.

2001, September, Dresden (DE)
Dance project in Dreikoenigskirche. It was a part of the bigger action - "Dresden' Dance of the Dead" ( "Dresdner Toten Tanz").

2001, February, St.Petersburg (RU)

Anton Adasinsky's debut on the stage of the world-famous Mariinsky theatre in St.Petersburg. Anton plays Drosselmeyer in this new version of Tchaikovsky's famed ballet. Production, stage-set and costumes by Mikhail Chemiakin (Shemyakin), conductor - Valery Gergiev, choreograped by Kirill Simonov. Some interesting photos of the production are here.

1999, October, Dresden (DE)
DEREVO-Laboratorium. Dance improvisation at our own (!) stage with live music by Tanya Khabarova.

1998, June, Terschelling (NL)



Dissolution of the DEREVO "School" in the natural landscape. Music, props and stage-sets are prohibited. Dancing continues 'till the last spectator'. Director: Lena Yarovaya.

1998, May, Dresden (DE)
DEREVO-Laboratorium. The project was based on Tarot, casino and twenty one ten-minute-long solo pieces by "DEREVO School" students.

1997, December, Dresden (DE)
"NA KRAJU" ("On the Edge")
New Year Eve action in the Dresdner "Projekt-Theater" for 12 continuous hours.

1997, May, Dresden (DE)
Another project of "DEREVO School". For 4 weeks students rehearsed and then performed three new shows directed by Anton Adasinsky, Tanya Khabarova and Lena Yarovaya.

1996, June, Terschelling (NL)
or "Amazing adventures of a Golden Egg" - a event at Terschelling island. On the last day of the festival a two meters-high Egg was arrested. Someone phoned the police and told them that the Egg was 'a russian bomb'.

1996, September, Pontedera (IT)
Action for Grotowski's studio
Jerzy Grotowski invited DEREVO to his studio for three days. On the first day DEREVO was honoured to see the "ACTION"of Grotowski's Laboratory. On the next day DEREVO performed for them.

1996, February, Dresden (DE)
"GRAU ZONE" ("Grey Zone")
Big action in Hellerau.

1996, January, Dresden (DE)
Together with Roma Dubinnikov solo concert in Scheune, Dresden.

1995, October, St.Petersburg - Moscow
The opening of Chemiakin's exhibition in Tretyakov Gallery and State Hermitage Museum.
Here, DEREVO began their friendship and collaboration with the
artist and sculptor Mikhail Chemiakin (Shemyakin).

1995, July,
Savana (IT)

Thyrrenian necropolis. All 11 people surprisingly fell asleep during the preparations for the play.

1992, October, Wien (AT)
One month of rehearsals and one week of co-operative performances with "Schaubuda" theatre in Vienna. All it's members had AIDS. Hot days. The Viennese couldn't understand why we slept when time was so short.

1992, June, Perigeaux (FR)
Saint-Ethienne's cavern. Subterranian lakes. It was one of the first times that DEREVO met with a powerful energy of such a historical place.

1991, September, Prague (CZ)
Action dedicated to the fear of bombing during the 'Gulf War'. It took place in the Branik Theatre.

1991, a spring, Prague (CZ)

Action in the cellar under the place where a giant statue of Stalin stood after the World War II. After the monument's destruction, the cellar kept the stone parts of the Great Chief's body.

1990, June, Terschelling (NL)
A tribute to Terschelling island, the place where DEREVO bathed it's eyes with Ocean.

1989, November, Santa-Cruz, CA (US)
Successful realisation of the conecpt that we called 'non-acting". A collaboration project with a rock-musician Rob Brezsny. And now he's an expert in astrology ...

1989, June, Terschelling (NL)
Action which was 14 kilometers long. "OEROL" Festival

1989, August, Helsinki (FI)
Dance improvisation which has been held simultaneously with a report of the Culture ministry representative.

1989, June, Sarajevo (ex-YU)
Action in Sarajevo. The opening of an art exhibition in the 'Palace of Culture' which no longer exists...

1989, April, Leningrad (RU)
First co-operative performance with musicians Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky, Vladimir Volkov and Roman Dubinnikov (aka Rastiam).

1988, June, Imatra (FI)
Dance on a rim at Imatra lake in Finland. Harry Vinogradov played bells on the shore, Sergey Letov played saxophone in the boat.

1988, March, Leningrad (RU)
"5th WHEEL"
It was 18 degrees celcius below zero. In the middle of Nevsky prospect, in Leningrad, DEREVO made alabaster masks of passers-by while TV-show "5th Wheel" shot DEREVO doing this.

1988, January, Leningrad (RU)
DEREVO takes a vocal and gastronomic part in the project of Sergey Kuryokhin "Pop-Mechanics". It was the first appearance of DEREVO on the stage. You can listen to the track "Song about a friend" on the Leo Records disk (Leo Records, 1997, CD LR 813-816)
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