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"Süd. Grenze", DVD

"Süd. Grenze" is my present to myself, a little window to the house I will never be able to build, a house of silver and light.

Inspired by not written books of Jorge Luis Borges.


"The Man Kissing the Bottom of a Boat", Audio CD. DEREVO, 2004

The Man Kissing the Bottom of a Boat.

Many excersises have led to half of the group becoming a professional sleepwalkers, but singing and talking in the sleep is done by the entirety. Dreams are written down and become materials for scene and music.


"ISLANDS in the STREAM", Audio CD. DEREVO, 2003

"ISLANDS in the STREAM". Soundtrack of the performance "ISLANDS". The sounds of the "ISLANDS" were born in Berlin where DEREVO traveled, taken our bodies, a scissors and some cardboard with us. Most of the sounds are the rhythms of the world – dockyards, mills, mechanisms, clinical devices, a stethoscope... twisted and mixed.

Production: Anton Adasinsky & DEREVO   Music by DEREVO & Roman Dubinnikov   Music by Roman Dubinnikov
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"KETZAL", Audio CD. DEREVO, 2005   DEREVO. Volume 1   DEREVO. Volume 3

KETZAL origins are: voices, morning mist, walls of rain, and everything what was before it.

  B&W Fotos. 25 x 25 cm, 48 pages   B&W Fotos. 25 x 25 cm, 48 pages
Music by Daniel Williams   Photo by Elena Iarovaia & DEREVO   Photo by Elena Iarovaia & DEREVO
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DEREVO. Volume 2   "Meeting Our Ancestors", Audio CD. DEREVO, 2006   DEREVO. HARLEKIN

Color photos . 25 x 25 cm, 48 pages


"Meeting our ancestors". A soundtrack of the live action.

"The 'End of History?'... I wish!"
– Robert Wyatt in a telephone conversation with Daniel Williams

"If we don't accept that we are in the dark, there can be no light."
– vintage909



Color collages. 25 x 25 cm, 24 pages

Photo by Elena Iarovaia & DEREVO   Music by Daniel Williams   Text by Anton Adasinsky; Collages by Elena Yarovaya and Nastya Andreeva; Graphic Design by Nastya Andreeva
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  Online version is currently in Russian. English version and print version are coming soon...
DEREVO. Volume 2   Positive Band. DOPPIO    

CD: NATURE MORTE. The main part of the CD is a desk recording of a soundtrack Daniel Williams made with the Russian guitarist Igor Timofiev in November 2009 in a dungeon in Dresden. It was, in every way, impossible for them to discuss or plan for the show. As a result they were genuinely improvising and it was one of those marvelous situations where it sounds like they had been playing together for years, although they had know each other a little less than forty eight hours.


(new) CD: DOPPIO.

Anton Adasinsky & The Positive Band

DOPPIO is dedicated to my Music Teachers:
  • Evgeny Larionov
  • Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky
  • Roman Dubinnikov

Thank you!

Music by Daniel Williams   Music by Anton Adasinsky    
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EUR 10,00
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