5 January "Vsyo khorosho!", a concert by DEREVO & friends, Akropolis Theatre, Prague (CZ)   DEREVO is a ship with Anton Adasinsky as a captain. The ship was built in Leningrad at the end of the last century. Boatswain Fidel can bet it was a brigantine built. Pilot Zhizha considers this a tea clipper. And Adasinsky just likes to be the lookout...
23 & 24 Feb.   Workshop of Anton Adasinsky, School of Drama Art, Moscow (RU)      
17 - 19 March "The Gospel of Anton", a three day solo performance by Anton Adasinsky, Entresol club/theatre, St. Petersburg (RU)      
7 April   Anton Adasinsky & The Positive Band LIVE on 100TV, St. Petersburg (RU)   I went to the show… or I was taken there to be precise. A puppet show. A cloth and two puppets hanging. A Boy and a Girl. 7 and a half people in the audience… tears in my eyes. The world becomes so pure and bright...
14 & 15 April   "ISLANDS", Music-Hall, St. Petersburg (RU)
16 April   "HARLEKIN", an action & performance by Anton Adasinsky, Music-Hall, St. Petersburg (RU) - Preview!!!

19 April

  Anton Adasinsky plays Drosselmeyer in the Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker". Production by Mikhail Chemiakin. Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg (RU)
25 April   Anton Adasinsky & The Positive Band, the concert, Jagger Club, St. Petersburg (RU)
23 May   "ISLANDS", 19th Potsdamer Tanztage festival, Potsdam (DE)  

Dear friends! Slava Polunin has planned and already started possibly the biggest project of the 21st Century, The Tower of Human Foolishness. I heard him and saw the deed of an Architect, and I’ve got permission to talk on his behalf...

How is it called in English; the ‘flash’, the ‘rush’? In Russian this is ‘prikhod’… I sat on the bank and it looked like Alisa was checking the construction for walking on the water’s surface. You know, she’s quite risible…

NOW - 2009-05

11 - 13 June "White Fortress", an open-air performance at the Dresden Gallery (Zwinger), Dresden (DE)     WHITE FORTRESS - VIDEO
5 - 8 July   DEREVO project "Anima Allegra" at the XII Scheune-Schaubudensommer Festival, Dresden (DE)  

It was a big risk just to make up our minds to begin that week… Metaphysical Hoffmann-based epics by Mikhail Chemiakin, anti-world of the highest clownery by Slava Polunin, “talking body” of DEREVO by Anton Adasinsky — three apexes of a triangle, equidistant and suddenly united…

July Further collaboration of Mikhail Chemiakin, Slava Polunin & Anton Adasinsky on the new film project
July Pre-production for the new film by Alexander Sokurov "Faust"
12 & 13 August   Workshop by Anton Adasinskiy and the lecture by Elena Yarovaya "Art of dreaming". Peter & Pauls Fortress, St. Petersburg (RU)      
14 August Action and the concert by DEREVO, Anton Adasinsky & The Positive Band at the Open Cinema Festival 2009, Peter & Pauls Fortress Beach, St. Petersburg (RU)
August / September / October Anton Adasinsky playing one of the leading characters in the new film by Alexander Sokurov "Faust", filming.
12 September "ISLANDS", Theatre Greiz as part of the XVIII. Greizer Theaterherbst Festival, Greiz (DE)   I can’t recall everything very clearly... I remember I had to watch seventy two short films on one single night, since I was in a jury of the Open Cinema.
Enough for the next ten years. And in the morning we were rehearsing the upcoming concert...
19 September "Jesters' Empire" open-air performance at XII. Street Theater Festival in Radebeul, Radebeul near Dresden (DE)  

I allow myself one sentimental message from Prague. “Dear Lena,my congratulations to you and all the participants of the Jester’s Empire project on the successful performance! 8000 audience, this is really big! It was the first and I really hope the last project by DEREVO without me.Anton the Usurer.

October     WHITE FORTRESS report & video available. It’s nice to remember the June at the end of October. However it was rather cold too… WHITE FORTRESS - Video
10 - 14 Nov.   "Nature Morte", Joint project by DEREVO / AKHE / The Arches / Conflux at The Arches, Glasgow (UK)     NATURE MORTE
20 & 21 Nov. "Nature Morte", Joint project by DEREVO / The Arches / Conflux at the Casemates of Dresden (DE).
4 - 6 Dec.   "HARLEKIN", Preview!!! , Potsdam (DE)  

Dear Friends!

It’s very important to remember:

That there are friends

That somebody needs you

That fraud and cowardice will punish themselves

That there are many Teachers

That “a happy men” is not a museum piece

And that everyday You, only You can change your life…

Happy New Year!

And we are celebrating the New Year with blinding tiredness!


17 & 18 Dec.   "HARLEKIN", Premiere!!! Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)  
19 & 20 Dec.   "ISLANDS", Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)
26 - 28 Dec.   "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA", Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)

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