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NOW in the PAST (news archive)
Original text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Sean Crosky
Images: Elena Yarovaya & DEREVO


February, 22

Berlin. It's a sunny morning. The swans.

We all started in St.Petersburg in the early 1990's and suddenly have met up now in Berlin. Dima Tyulpanov - theatre "Clipa" (Israel), Ira Andreeva (aka "Malen'kaya") - "Theatre of the New Front" (Czech Republic), Zhenya Kozlov - "DO-Theatre" (Germany).

We all were like children and now everyone has their own company. We've spent all the night, speaking in russian and making jokes on Yael Karavan - butoh-dancer from London - who was the only one of us who did not have their hair shaved.

  Anton & Dima Edith from "Klipa"theatre
Kreuzberg A place of origin

February, 9

DEREVO will be moving to Berlin for two months. There, in the "Kreatur" theatre, we will rehearse the new production "Islands in the stream", we will also shoot the film "Returning", and finally we will mix the CD "DEREVO plays DEREVO". Therefore hard days are ahead while the leisured walks with Mikhail Chemiakin by St.Mark square in Venice are canceled for this year...

The photo-project of Lena Yarovaya - "Tarot" will be on-line soon at the "Zone" section of our site. The shooting is in progress.

  Berlin Here we are... Graffiti
Tarot 5 Tarot 12 Tarot 19

February, 3

In addition to some interesting news of DEREVO group, in this months edition you will be able to see how the rehearsals of the new show "Islands in the stream" are going.

First week: work with a metronome. Everyone of DEREVO has a metronome beat in their ear. Antons is 84. Oleg - 72, even in the night. Tanya has 60, Lena - 48. Thereby Lena and Oleg, while they associate or improvise with each other, are working on 3/2. Past some time all the sounds and images of the world turn to unbelievable structure... And the next step is the full realisation of the idea of 'rhythmicness'. The most frightful moment is when the battery goes out!

Those of you who like this way can try to find the book "The Philosophy of Null" by Sri Rama Michael Tamm.

  At the  balcony... Tanya & Bach
The Globe No.2 The cross
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