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NOW in the PAST (news archive)
Original text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Sean Crosky
Images: Elena Yarovaya & DEREVO


March, 30

From April, 15 the act "SUICIDE" will be perform under it's original title - "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA". We could have done this a long time ago but some signs and passages were needed...

At dawn, lost on Mexican country-roads on the way to Xochicalco, our car caught in the beams of it's headlights an abandoned circus camp. Blind carriages with no wheels stood in a roundeley near the holey tent... We entered, treading cautiously on damp, swollen posters...

In the 'make-up corner', we've read the words "La Divina" written in the frame of stolen mirror. The sun rose very quickly without us noticing. Scraps of tarpaulin on the skeleton of the tent began clapping in the wind as if greeting actors. Well, we have returned! Sawdust the floor, comb the horses' manes, puff the noses and...

Today and every day!!!

  A Stargazer

March, 16

DEREVO exercise in silence is very simple. You are allowed to speak only if you've been asked in a proper way. Questions like "Eh-h, how?", "What's up?", "Well, I'm leaving or what?" - they don't work. After a while, the questioner feels himself like a cheap provocator and solves the problem with a "what-time-is-it-now?" on his own. And there comes the quietness. The exercise helps to sustain energy, to improve hearing and concentration. A second part of the exercise is "internal silence". Curiously enough, at this stage you can speak as much as you want.

We've been at the Robert Wilson' reading in Deutsches Theater. He made the real solo performance from the ordinary lecture!


  "The screen..." Lena at IMAX
"The sphere" Robert Wilson

March, 06

The rehearsals of the new production - "Islands in the stream" remind the work on "Red Zone" where completely performed exercise became a part of the show. That means that every day, from 12.00 till 20.00, we are on the stage with the metronome and piece of rubber, video-camera, with a grey rags covering our faces, and heels over head...

The regular DEREVO-week comes soon - "answer-when-you're-questioned". But more about it will be in the next "NOW" issue.

On March, 11, Anton will appear on the stage of Mariinsky theatre in the "Nutcracker".

  A mutch They fly...
Bow down... The shadows
One step further...