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Original text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Sean Crosky
Images: Elena Yarovaya & DEREVO


April, 23

"LA DIVINA COMMEDIA" - the circus show for four bodies and many spirits - shakes Dresden. The performances have been sold out, even the tickets for the extra days. The performance is "taking the form of flesh and blood". Every day there are reheasals, with some changes made to the dancing and scenes... The main purpose of this work is the proper line-up. Yet 24 shows still await us in Edinburgh.

The originality contained in each DEREVO actor means that we cannot dream
of replacement. Our bodies are becoming too valuable...

  The Trinity Anton by his make-up table
Tanya by her make-up table Oleg by his make-up table

April, 11

"The Nutcracker" in Moscow, at Bolshoi has come to an end. The scalpers sold the tickets for $300 and upwards. Anyway, it was a 'full house', with the press being full of reviews! Screams of perplexity and delight, deep analysis and gossips... DEREVO movement school is being compared to the classical russian ballet school!

During these same days Anton discussed a long-term agreement with O.G.I holding. It seems that in the end of the year Moscow will have a chance to see DEREVO productions as well as meet the DEREVO working system at Anton Adassinsky's workshops.

  Mikhail Chemiakin & Anton Adassinsky The posters.
The portrait as Dante Cafe O.G.I., Moscow
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