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NOW in the PAST (news archive)
Original text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Sean Crosky
Images: Elena Yarovaya & DEREVO


May, 24

The summer tour is now starting. Good bye, Dresden, see you in September...

"ISLANDS IN THE STREAM" is no longer a project, it is now the new production of DEREVO - long life to the show!

Finally, the first two archive CDs will be mixed and mastered soon. They are "Black Box" and "The Rider". Better late than never!

"WIND and WATER" - the photo exhibition by Lena Yarovaya accompanied by the poetry of Tanya Khabarova will stay in Dresden instead of DEREVO. It is
taking place in "Planwirtschaft" cafe. Tanya's poems will be available online soon.

And in July, in Mexico, Anton will discuss a new production of Ketzalcoatl where Mexican actors and dancers will take a part.

  "Islands In The Stream" Tanya in "Islands In The Stream"
Anton at Hellerau "The Goalkeeper" from "WIND and WATER"

May, 12

Roman "Rastiam" Dubinnikov has created the music for our new production. Our work with Roma is significant part of our life. "THE RIDER", "ONCE...", "The Drum Of The Hare's Skin", "Unliking Geometry", "The Man Kissing The Bottom Of The Boat", "GRAU ZONE" and many other projects, acts, and improvised performances...

Roma's way is the way of silence, emptyness, tremulous metronome... Here comes the memory of recording Prague's night spirits in the bathroom of "Branické theatre". Also the memory of performance in Israel where Roma ordered a truck load of equipment only to make no sound at all! - "there was enough of it" - he told us...

DEREVO is absolutely rhythmical thorough Roma's four years long "down beat".

Roma works in the night and sleeps in the day, therefore we are rarely meet each other...

  "Islands In The Stream" Roma Dubinnikov 1
"Looking out" Roma Dubinnikov 2
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