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English text editor: Sean Crosky
Original text: Anton Adasinsky and/or DEREVO
Images: Elena Yarovaya and/or DEREVO


June, 25
“…the worst days when hands were shaking in attempt to hold crumbling time that is running to different directions as if it were small spiders, and it is necessary to brace up and catch up with something, and the hysteria swells, and once you freeze, and everything is gone, and it’s good, and I’m a master again, and then it becomes even more frightening - you can’t move, and the small heart jumps as if it is looking forward to settle down more comfortably, and there’s no reason to live further on..

And if you come over it, cope with it, you dress up slowly knowing that all this day will be sticked out of the smallest and the most precious things: out of small strings, cracks and reflections; and crazy smile to all you meet on the way supposing no one had a sleep last night…”

Anton Adasinsky. "Obligation"


June, 10
Hi Lena!

Thank you for the letter. It's fantastic that you're generally OK. And the mosquitos... yeah, alas it's an inescapable evil of our latitudes. A penalty is worse but it shouldn't affect the karma too. :-)

After your departure it has became boring. Everyone remembers you like a Holiday... after the celebration there always comes a sort of desolation. I'm sitting on a commission and then inditing [editing] some scientific contributions. One dame from my faculty - Tatyana Ivanovna Pecherskaya - beautifully described our feelings after the "Once...". She said: what does the theatre here mean, ah? Simply HAPPINESS." Knowing her sceptical and even satirical mind, I must admit that these words are worth a lot...

Igor Loschilov and Marina Sergeeva. Novosibirsk.


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