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NOW in the PAST (news archive)
Original text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Sean Crosky
Images: Elena Yarovaya & DEREVO


July, 24

Stars are unfamiliar. The ground is red. Houses are blue like the sky. Monkeys are begging for tangerines. Trucks are painted with a singing hearts. The audience shouts louder than the music.

"...We have no past, no memory. We live in Today. "I don't know is it good or bad," - our translator Augusto said, - "and I'm very happy to live in this Land. And I know that not everyone can say so..."

"A river of stones" Falk & the monkey Sao Paolo - urban city
Cows of Brazil in their natural environment Santa Monica waterfall At the shop...

July, 14

This ball-cartridge I found in Göteborg. It couldn't be connected to anything... Neither to the wind, nor to the fishers on a bridge nor to the upstanding Swedes... No any association with the ball-cartridge.

I've carried it in a fist for a while, then put it somewhere away, then found it once again and then lost again. When one year passed I decided to carry it to the Dresden Park - let it rest there. I bid it farewell, inspected it at parting... and considered that circumscription deserve this news issue.

A ball-cartridge on a palm A ball-cartridge in a fist
At Scheune - Schaubuda A circumscription on a ball-cartridge

July, 02

DEREVO performances at Malta Festival in Poznan are in the past!

Spectators sat, hung, stood everywhere it could only was possible. For the second time in our live we performed in chapiteaux... All machinery, constructions and motors had done their best. We felt ourselves very comfortable and assured. Thanks to Polish jailbirds (foto is missing) and to our technicians. They've putted it all up, they guarded us, they cleaned everything after performance and they even fighted the photographers for 25 hours a day.

We are here Tent at Poznan
Building "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA" The crew (from left to the right): Karla Reinartz  - technical and travelling manager, Falk Dittrich - light, Dmitry Abramov - sound and special effects, Pit Tirpitz (stage and constructions)
One step further...