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Original text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Sean Crosky
Images: Elena Yarovaya & DEREVO


August, 24

On August 23d, at the Edinburg Fringe Festival "Total Theatre Award" was given to DEREVO company. Total Theatre Network director Annabel Arndt said:

"This year the judges have decided to present a special award. One which has never given before. It is an award for outstanding excellence and innovation. This award is going to a company who has consistently produced groundbreaking work, for being epitomy of what we see to be true Total Theatre.

I am very pleased to be giving this award as I have enjoyed their work so much, I feel I have turned into a groupy!!! In fact I intend going for fourth time today... The judges would also like to recognize the role of the producer in their current production...".

"Jester"  from "La Divina Commedia". Photo by W. Neilson Total Theatre Award memory plate
"A Walter Scott' view " "We got Total Theatre Award!"

August, 20

Just as the Fringe was started 56 years ago, probably this year there will be another event with a continuance. DEREVO decided to present its film "Süd. Grenze" ("South. Border"). Surprisingly the producers took the idea seriously and suggested to open Edinburgh International First Fringe Film Festival with this film. We've had a good laugh, shook hands, and the audience is already buying their tickets...

After the end of Edinburgh Festival DEREVO will rest for three days, and then start performances in London at the Riverside Studios from September 2 to 21.

Anton & the newspapers Fringe First 2002
"An energetic view of death..." "Titles..."

August, 12

On August, 9th, almost in the beginning of the festival, DEREVO was honoured with a Fringe First prize. We got it in the "Dance and Physical Theatre" category for the production "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA".

High Street - The heart of Edinburgh Adam Read is ready for performance...
Anton, Oleg and Julius Green, producer. at the Café O'Briens

August, 01

A homage to Antonin Artaud was organized at the Festival in San José do Rio Preto .

The beginning was quite respectful - the portraits of Artaud everywhere, like sails - 5 x 6 meters size. DEREVO action continued 25 minutes. We decided to 'recall our young days'. Especially because DEREVO attitude toward Artaud is out of debates. We all as one declared that 'we read no books but the Bali dance of Lena Yarovaya in "RIDER" is Itelmen folklore'.

The action started from colossal jump of Alexey Merkushev onto the roof with a bucket of paint. And the Artaud' portrait was given some new details... The organizers turned white, but it was too late...

All photos provided by Rubens Cardia. We tender him our many thanks.

Tanya performs at the Festival in San Jose do Rio Preto. Photo by Rubens Cardia Portrait of Antonin Artaud. Photo by Rubens Cardia Alexey with a bucket of paint. Photo by Rubens Cardia
"paint drops". Photo by Rubens Cardia "A hero". Photo by Rubens Cardia Homage to Antonin Artaud. Photo by Rubens Cardia
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