September, 24

An enormous amount of interest in politics has been raised amongst DEREVO members. Arguments and shouting matches, the sounds of newspapers and televisions... Then came the feeling of a Great Lie. The shadow of some doctor with a pasted artificial smile, the smell of perfume, and the sight of a dirty syringe... This is a hot and sticky dream.

Last Friday a concert in the church was cancelled. A mourning. Why do factories continue to work? cried the organist, - why can they invent something, produce something, count something whilst the organ has to remain silent?

A leg Watch & Clock, Hand & Tower Elves

September, 13

Everything had shifted. Just in a day.
It wants to recomprehend many things,
and it wants to work more than before.
Never before had there been such determination...

"Only serpents let their skin be fallen
And a soul — all grown up and old.
We, alas, change an 'eternal' soul,
Leaving body in an eternal hold."
(Nikolay Gumilev)

September, 7

John Surman's house is located in Kent (UK). It is perched on a hill at the end of a tunnel formed by a verdurous colonnade. Anton has found neither sheep, nor birds here. Yet he did meet a cheerful person, a great composer and musician. They spoke of all and every thing...

Some one hundred metres from John's house there is a garden. In it there are trees growing. The garden is fenced for they are afraid of the expansion of the trees which need metal for living...

Verdurous collonade
The case
Father & son Hand of John Surman
John Surman & Anton Adassinsky Trees need metal for living Trees need metal for living John Surman's mixing console
One step further...