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Original text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Sean Crosky
Images: Elena Yarovaya & DEREVO


October, 27

Charles de Gaulle airport. Delayed flight - unaccompanied handbag on board. 5 hours till 'Nutcracker' opens at Mariinsky theatre. Anti-terrorists squad detonates handbag. 3 hours till 'Nutcracker'. Landing at 19:10. 19:45 - backstage. First ring... "Umm... - said Chemiakin - you're the limit..."

On the same day, Lena run a 10 kilometers-long marathon to signify a solidarity with Anton

Mikhail Chemiakin, St.Petersburg, 2001 Nutcracker & Anton as Drosselmeyer
Lena runs a 10-kilometers long marathon

October, 17

In the early 1990's, we often told people in our interviews that concept of DEREVO was concieved from the film "Holy Mountain" by Alejandro Jodorowsky. A few years later a meeting was held with Alejandro.

He lives in Paris. There are cats and a huge collection of books. He films, writes books and acts for theatre, as well as publishing comics. He is considered one of the greatest authorities on Tarot. And now he is happy: "The world will be changed. Finally, the world will be changed", said he.

A labyrinth in the church, France A crossroad, France
Alejandro Jodorowsky smiles upon his cat, Paris, 2001 Conversation of Alejandro Jodorowsky and Anton Adasinsky, Paris, 2001

October, 8

Whilst performing "SUICIDE" during these hard days we felt some medieval fever, something like the beginning of a plague. The glowing eyes of the audience and the surprisingly large number of questions after the show... It was amazing to understand that most of the scenes meant something to the people quite different to what they may have meant a month ago.

People want to talk and talk again... Maybe they finally want to be together?..

After "SUICIDE" Faceless
Faceless Faceless

October, 2

In the final scene of "Crossing", the floor of Dreikönigskirche was composed by a sea of red apples, looking like a floor that had been splashed with blood... What DEREVO could not forsee was that the spectators would eat all apples away.

That happy consumption of the apple-cum-floor knitted the whole audience and performers together. And the applause sounded like clapping of hundreds of bird's wings.

Dreikoenigskirche, Dresden "Crossing", Dreikoenigskirche, Dresden
"Crossing", Dreikoenigskirche, Dresden Two organs, Dreikoenigskirche, Dresden
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