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Original text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Sean Crosky
Images: Elena Yarovaya & DEREVO


October, 21

The three days in October.

October 18. DEREVO received a... Professor Elena Markova: "...receiving as many awards as DEREVO has recently is just immodest..." Well, so flush up, DEREVO, Tsarkosel'skaya premium also is awarded to Dmitry Bykov, journalist and writer, to Ilze Liepa, ballerina, to Sergey Slonimsky, composer, to Yuri Temirkanov, conductor, to Boris Grebenshchikov, leader of the "Aquarium" rock-band, and to others.

October 19. Anton presents DEREVO Physical Network at "Quo Vadis" club.

October 20. Morning. Some meetings connected to the future action "Island" at Peter and Paul's Fortress (St. Petersburg).

October 20. Afternoon. Departure to Paris for "Nutcracker" performances.

Elena Markova gives Anton the prize-holder diploma These places are reserved for Tanya, Lena & Oleg... Anton Adasinsky & Boris Grebenshchikov
Conductor Yuri Temirkanov is in the shade of composer Sergey Slonimsky Invisible heroes of this site: Rainer Jackel, our translator to/from German À cup of coffee in Paris...

October, 4

Long allnight arguments...

Underground or mainstream? Long contracts or small elite festivals? Or shall we build our own theatre? Or should we follow Grotowski - at the last meeting with DEREVO at Pontedera he said "The future of Theatre depends on those like you - small companies which transfer the "cultural germs", shuttling between countries..." Or the huge halls where multitudes of people can see us on stage? Dresden, Berlin, St.Petersburg, Moscow, London??? Which language should we use to ask for coffee and biscuits?

Long allnight arguments...

Tanya after the 41st show of "La Divina Commedia" Oleg after the 41st show of "La Divina Commedia" Lena after the 41st show of "La Divina Commedia"
Wine festival at Radebeul Anton after the 41st show of "La Divina Commedia"
One step further...