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NOW in the PAST (news archive)
Original text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Sean Crosky
Images: Elena Yarovaya & DEREVO


November, 17

During the filming of a programme about DEREVO, ARTE Channel asked me for my thoughts on the Moscow tragedy. Then, as today, I didn't want to think about it. Paris combined for me with a title "Nord-Ost". On a bridge, on my way to the "Nutcracker" performance in Chatelet Theatre, I stopped and called Oleg Klenin in Moscow. There was no answer... Later I found out that he had been released two hours before the storm.

I'm rarely frightened now. DEREVO's training had changed our attitude to death and to time. Yet suddenly... I'm afraid of going to the theatre. Can it indeed be mixed... Tchaikovsky, bombs, adagio, "chechens"?

There's one famous architect - Hans-Walter Müller who lives near Paris. He has lived in an air-house for 35 years. "...No need in the strong walls and gates. There's already no need... No salvation..." (Anton Adasinsky)

On 23. November at 9:40pm TV channel "arte", a German-French culture channel, will broadcast a 10-minute portrait about DEREVO inside the culture magazine "Metropolis". The material for the film was shot in DEREVO Laboratorium in Dresden. The film is scheduled inside "Metropolis" at 10:10pm.  ( web-master)

Tanja, interviewed by ARTE Channel ARTE filming DEREVO Klaus from ARTE Channel
A house of Hans-Walter Müller (inside) Diana Vishneva, prima ballerina of Mariinsky (Kirov) Ballet A house of Hans-Walter Müller (outside)

November, 7

Petersburg! Construction everywhere! Everyone has become younger. Or does it just seem so to me?

Meetings. Talks. Money. Papers. Calls. Hopes. Lurks. And traffic jams... And a call to one friend. Nobody there. Oh, yes... It's Sabbath. She will not even pick up the phone.

Petersburg. If everything happens as it should, then an UFO will land at Peter and Paul's Fortress in March. Spring - a rumble of breaking ice and Love. DEREVO is coming back!

For how long? Almost for ever. For a month.

St.Peterburg State Circus "A drop of culture..." "Riders on the storm..."
A life zebra. White lines, black lines... Vadim Vassiliev, painter. Daniel Adasinsky, web-master
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