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NOW in the PAST (news archive)
Original text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Sean Crosky
Images: Elena Yarovaya & DEREVO


December, 20

When DEREVO discovered that Slava Polunin bought himself a house, it delegated Anton to go to Paris in order to accuse Slava of becoming a bourgeois. Sitting next to the fireplace, the high court of clowns called the Lenin's komsomol premium laureat - Assissiay (Slava's old nickname) to order... and to the dinner... At the dinner it was ruled that every clown should own the house near Paris. Slava saved his house from immediate expropriation when promised to make there a cultural centre and museum of himself.

After all that, Slava's "Snowshow" went to Honolulu while Anton went to Baden-Baden where he wants to see memorial chair of Dostoevsky at casino and play his part of Drosselmeyer in the new production of Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker".

  Slava's house Shame, you're like a bourgeois,,, Anything could be forgiven for this wine...
But what for do you need  three floors? I won't give you my house... Every clown should own a house near Paris

December, 10

On December 1st, the TV-film shot by Nika Strizhak and filmed in St.Peterburg during DEREVO's March 2001 tour with "SUICIDE", was awarded the special prize at the Russian national contest for best cultural TV-program. We are very honoured and very happy.

At the same time, on December 4th, shooting began of the film "Returning", directed by Bram Vreeswijk. The film is based on the ideas of the german philosophers Theodor Adorno & Max Horkheimer stated in their book "Dialectics of Enlightenment". All main characters will be played by DEREVO.

  Bram Vreeswijk Falk Dittrich & Anton The  head
The four Anton The scream

December, 1

The hero of the day is Lena Yarovaya!

On Monday, November 26, DEREVO successfully visited the clinic in Dresden where we were explored in all possible 'longitudal-transversal-vertical-and-horizontal' manners and means. It's even slightly sad but we all possess good health (something that you can rarely find these days) except for Oleg with his traditional bruises and chaps.

On the same day Lena opened her personal photo-exhibition at 'Sheune'-cafe and flew away to Seoul in the evening. She went to Hwa Gye Sa monastery for a 21 day sit-down meditation ('retreat'). She was kindly invited after the visit of the group of monks led by Zen-master to our show "ONCE..." at LG Art Centre.

That place is very interesting because of people who worked there for some years. They are - Vasily Maximov (Myong Gong), through whose mercy we discovered Castaneda; Victor Pelevin whose books are best-sellers in Russia and possibly all over the world; and Alexander Nemkov (Bo In) - a composer whose album "Stereo Zoldat" was recorded in a collaboration with DEREVO.

  "Two" "Legs"
Oleg "The Sky"
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