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NOW in the PAST (news archive)
Original text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Sean Crosky
Images: Elena Yarovaya & DEREVO


December, 31

"Heavy Rainbow" company from Tartu (Estonia) produced a project of the artificial indoor sun. It can be positioned under the ceiling or wherever you want. The sunrise time is adjustable. Accordingly, it is possibly to reduce the sleeping time down to 4 or 5 hours per day. And such a possibility could be very helpful for us in the year 2003! That's because of... ATTENTION!!! — In February DEREVO opens it's own Theatre in Dresden, where auditorium is and the dance studio, and the room for the "School" and the audio-video-studio and... the dreams, projects and plans...

In the year 2002 Tanya, Oleg, Lena and Anton have appeared on stage for 106 times.

We wish ALL of you to have the Great year 2003!

P.S. new photos of "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA" are uploaded onto the site.

"Go East..." -
DEREVO, "La Divina Commedia" - finale Have a great year 2003!

December, 22

One month ago Sri Ram Michael Tamm departed this world... One of his group - Vladimir Wiedemann, who studied Tamm's teaching for many years, lives in Berlin. At you can find some pieces of the Teacher's work. Meanwhile we invite all of you to the Derevo-DPN Forum where you'll be able to ask Vladimir any questions you want - in English, German and Russian.

Every night, for a whole month, at "ACUD-cinema", Berlin, our film "Süd.Grenze" ("South. Border") will be screening. The sound failed at the premiere, we tried to fix the problem whilst in front of the audience... So, after the 10th attempt, the first subtitle - "We have to learn from women" - was met with hysterical laughter of the audience.

For a half an hour silent DEREVO sang and talked on air at ColoRadio, Dresden. Dresden? Dresden.

The last photo of Sri Rama Michael Tamm ((c) "Silent DEREVO  sing and talk at  ColoRadio, Dresden" (WINDOWS MEDIA CLIP, Size - 392 Kb)
Our film "South. Border" at ACUD Kino, Berlin

December, 10

If the month-long tour to Brazil the next Spring is confirmed, we'll be very pleased to note - our new movie will be filmed in the beautiful landscapes of South America. We plan to co-operate with the wonderful animator Boris Kazakov and with the painter Vadim Vassilyev. Meanwhile, Andrey Nastunichev is helping us finish the screenplay... which DEREVO, as usual, will not follow. However, if someone asks: "do you have a screenplay?", we'll answer: "absolutely, here it is!"

Remembering the warm winter of Brazil Boris Kazakov & Anton Adassinsky
A draft for the "Twilight"by Vadim Vasilyev A draft by  Elena Yarovaya

December, 01

Roma Dubinnikov - composer - has a yellow dish. It is 11 years old. He always eat with this dish. Now he owns a digital camera, whereas in the past he had a "Tchaika" camera. He gave us 47 full rolls of film which have never before been printed. We spent all day looking at the prints, with little talking. Surpisingly we cannot remember what the pictures are of. Neither countries, nor people... now we have finished the performances at IMPULSE Festival, and have decided to memorize the city and the people... Two characters of the future film "Twilight" - Fidel and Zzizza are named as responsible for collecting these memories. There are also new photos of "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA" - lest we should forget... And we have all had a common dream - "the doors can be shut, and then we can read in peace a very good, kind and cheerful letter".

Anton in "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA", Cologne Oleg in "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA", Cologne Tanya in "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA", Cologne
At the alley in Hofgarten... "Night pixels" "Fidel & Zzizza looking for underground" (WINDOWS MEDIA CLIP, Size - 641 Kb)
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