31 December

Happy New Year, Boy!

Name The Druid Clocksssssss
Parents Father – DEREVO
  Mother – Sharmanka
Year of Concenption 1991
Year of Birth 2005
Place of Birth Royal Museum of Scotland
Diagnosis he will live long and uneasily and will outlast his star

Eduard Bersudsky's machines are able :

1. to move
2. to not move

In the case of 1: an approaching of people, a giggling, a finger poking, loud commentaries, and a hint at the universal happiness were observed.

In the case of 2: people are moving back, children are hiding themselves behind the thighs of their fathers, cheeks are tensing. The silence of the machines...

– Eduard, why did you bring them to life? (a desperate attempt by an artist to be the master of his creation?)
– So they are not bored without me.

A Guest : «Amazing!!  Unbelievable!! This metal ship is so real!   Imagine it floating on the quicksilver surface of Eternal Ocean!!»

(It is translated to Eduard)

Eduard: “But the ship would sinked, fucked up”

– Ed, which wine would you drink? Red, white?
– Let it be red. It will do for the black-and-white life.


The Druid Clock. Photo - Ian Jacobs The Druid Clock. Photo - Ian Jacobs
Anton Adasinsky & Eduard Bersudsky. Photo - Elena Iarovaia The Druid Clock. Photo - Tatjana Jakovskaya
The Druid Clock. Photo - Tatjana Jakovskaya The Druid Clock. Rehearsal in the National Museum of Scotland. Photo - Tatjana Jakovskaya
Sharmanka / Shoulder. Photo - Elena Iarovaia The Jester by Eduard Bersudsky. Photo - Elena Iarovaia
3 December

Now is now

News created by:  
Camera Alisa
First camera assistant Max
Second camera assistant Ga
Sound recording Di
Sound recording assistant Buda
Video Editing Elena Iarovaia
Text Anton Adasinsky
The hand and the voice Shtyck
Special Effects and Post-Production Volodya Pashkov
Composer Roma Dubinnikov, Andrey Sizintsev
Web-Production Daniel Adasinsky

Original text: Anton Adasinsky & DEREVO

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