It is absolutely stupid to accuse me of refusing to rehearse because I was speaking to the Cat instead. To accuse means persuading me that I am guilty. Alright, I spoke to the Cat. I’m guilty. So what? What is my fault exactly? The fact that I had the conversation with a cat?

The main thing…

I was sitting by the window. Actually, Robert was sitting there. The tomcat was passing by. He glanced at me but didn’t stop. He continued to walk while keeping his head turned toward me. It started to smell of death and the uselessness of all things. A rusty car axle will always outlive its owner. I knocked on the window glass with my ring.

The Cat sat with his face turned away.

“I wait,” he said.
“I want to talk to you,” said Robert.
“Speak,” said the Cat.

The Cat sat motionless.

“Do you hear me?”
“Yes,” said the Cat. “I hear everything and you are just one part of that.”

I felt jealousy and the truth. I ordered myself to be rid of them.

“Tell me,” asked Robert, “is Love above all?”

The Cat punched his tail against the floor, probably laughing.

“You are small and brave,” I said.
“Luyikauuu!!!” shouted the Cat.

Then someone with large eyes entered and began to speak intelligently. A tobacco smell. My fingers grew very thin.

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