"...DEREVO's work is noted for it's lack of structure and the sudden changes in routines. DEREVO's "ZONE OF RED", a non-verbal essay on the potential for violence and rebirth when emotions are trapped within the body politic..."

Douglas Sadownick, "Los Angeles Times"

"Never has anything comparable been put on stage"

Elena Petrova, AiF

"...The performances of DEREVO are alarmingly anarchist and therefore are in refreshing contrast with wellcalculated chaos we experience in plays of the western groups..."

Michael Morris, "Summerscene Review", Salzburg

"...Between the audience and the stage there appears a very strong space of the common attraction dusgust and spectators come out of this strange struggle with a feeling as if everything has been pushed out of the soul giving then nothing in exchange for, but with some unusual sensation of energetical freedom, inside emptyness and purity..."

"The Theatre Life", USSR

 "...DEREVO continue the traditions of Russian metaphysical thought..."

"Odjek", Sarajewo

"No more than 4 actors are transformed to various characters and are drawing their own Heaven, Purgatory and Hell with thousands of visual and auditory images..."

"Yon-Hap News", Seoul, Korea

"The perfection of the form evokes memories of slab pictures ... Adassinski does not flirt with the public and does not try to please..."

Olga Romantsova, Vesti.ru

...Put Adassinski and co down for an Olivier Award nomination. May they return soon..."

Ismene Brown, "The Daily Telegraph", London

 "ONCE..." is an experience you're unwilling to let end..."

Madeleine North, "Time Out", London

...Bravo, Derevo, for reminding us that it is better in this life to be heart-broken than heartless..."

Mary Brennan, "The Herald", Edinburgh

"People prefer to experience love, however fatal it may be, than living a whole lifetime without knowing it. The love story that DEREVO illustrates is so heart piercing and touching,that it makes audiences lovesick."

"Kookmin Ilbo", Seoul, Korea

"The perfect sculpture of the actors ... winds bodies into unbelievable positions"

Elena Gubajdulina, Izvestia

Derevo's Once... is absolutely stunning. It's the best of the best, not just of mime, ist own genre, but the whole theatre-arts shooting match..."

Bonnie Lee, "The Scotsman", Edinburgh

...It's kitch, it's clever. Go at least once..."

Dominic Cavendish, The Independent, London

"This infernal spectacle is a constant balance on the narrow line between charlatany and virtuoso offered illusion. It's probably this what distinguishes talent in clowning"

Oleg Sintzov, Vedomosti

"...This unity of the uncompatible is what distinguishes the movement theatre Derevo..."

Basil Nikitakis, Kölner Stadtanzeiger

 "...It was once upon a time a poetical delirium..."

Pascale Haubruge, "Le Soir", Brussels

"In the presence of the actors on stage you find truth"

Elena Karas', Festival Journal "Golden Mask"

...not theater, not pantomime, not musical comedy, not dance but everything at the same time..."

Marie Baudet, "La Libre Belgique", Brussels

...They can be compared with curse..."

Lia Lapini, "La Reppublica", Italy

"The actors are frequently showing off the sense of reality of their performing arts"

"Chosun Ilbo", Seoul, Korea

"The audience falls into a spell and lets everything happen as if they had given in to the feeling of being part of a video game with unknown rules"

Julia Yakovleva, Kommersant

...Though this work appears a bit deviative to knowledgable audiences, it has ist own psychological necessity, ist own ineffable, imaginal truth. As in Butoh, this is the truth of simultaneity of morbidity and transcendense. "Endarkenment" and enlightenment..."

Judith A. Hamera, "High Performance", Los Angeles

 "...ONCE... is a love song to your soul"

Peter Ross, "The List", Edinburgh

"The situation gets converted by music, the stage is dominated by a strong contrast of colors, together this leads the audience to explore the world of after-death..."

"Daily Hankook", Seoul, Korea

"The magic rituals can be arranged like games on a table"

Marina Davydova, Vremja Novostej