07. 08. 2006

Text: Anton Adasinsky
English translation editor: Jennifer Williams
Photos: Elena Iarovaia

A witness’s description:

An interview for the “Russian Voices” newspaper.

(Usually Adasinsky only reluctantly lets himself be interviewed but this time he liked the name of the media.)

“Nice to see you in wonderful physical and emotional form.”
“Thank you.”
“How did it happen that you returned to the legendary actions of DEREVO?”
“I don’t know, never thought we returned to it.”
“Never thought?”
“Never thought and therefore we did it.”
“It is hard to deal with you, Anton. You’re joking all the time”
“It’s easy to deal with me. I’m always joking. No, wait. I say it the other way. I want to hold my darling in my arms, all the darlings. To rock them to sleep… no, to sickness… till they will scratch and bite trying to break loose. You wanted the warmth and caress, didn’t you, bitches? But where is the limit of your shrieks? Do we measure it on the swollen ear of a neighbour? What’s your name, the newspaper? What f*cking shit do you ask?”

Then the strange thing happens.

Adasinsky swiftly unzips his pants and puts his penis on a table next to the mini-disk recorder.

“He’s somewhat deaf and somewhat blind. But rhythmic. And if you’re a ‘mouthpiece of the public’ then I’m a public, and I have something to knock-knock-knock on heaven’s door.”

The journalist grows pale but doesn’t make a move. Not because of the penis. It’s clear that she has seen a variety of them: beachy-scratching, sheety-boring, officy-listening. No. It’s not good at all here. Adasinsky is mumbling something like “…with this wonderful mini-disk device named after the great Stalker it’s possible to record not the spoken words but the words you hear… my pink sausage knocking… isn’t it funny? Naked Jango Edwards shouting from the stage – ‘Smile, smile! F*ck you very much!’ – isn’t it funny?”

The journalist is being walked off. Anton locks himself up in a studio.

An interview wasn’t published at all.

DEREVO performs a lot of special actions in the year 2006.

“Wolves Tango” in Kronstadt near St. Petersburg,
“In the Stream” at the Elbe in Dresden,
“Hermetics” at the Goethe-Institute in Dresden,

and many more.

In September DEREVO will appear on the stage of a Music-Hall in St. Petersburg with an action “Just like this” as part of the festival VERTICAL 2006.

An “action” is a performance from a “short” to the “long” which only exists at one particular place on that particular day.

An invitation list for a wedding and a funeral turned out to be different. How interesting.

You may be interested to take a look on an new photo project “Meeting our Ancestors” at our web-site

Please note, that currently DEREVO performs at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Meeting our AncestorsExecution of PierrotWhite DanceWhite DanceMeeting our AncestorsExecution of PierrotMeeting our AncestorsKETZAL - poster for EdinburghAngry...Meeting our AncestorsExecution of Pierrot

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