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The Source of Dance - Kazuo Ohno has passed away

03. 06. 2010, 13:28 | by DEREVO
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Kazuo Ohno has passed away on 1st June 2010

photo: DEREVO, 2004


From: keiko
Date: 2 June 2010 16:43:03 CET
To: Elena
Subject: the source of dance

dear elena,

how are you?
i am thinking about the source of dance, where his dance came from…

where his dance sprang from.
kazuo ohno passed away yesterday. he was 103.
age doesn’t matter now.
he can dance as free as can be.
in the source.

his funeral is on this sunday.
join in prayer.

with my love,


Kazuo Ohno has passed away on 1st June 2010

photo: DEREVO, 2004

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  1. Pina Says:

    ILife makes strong images. The natural bounderies of beingtogether for people lives in the heart. The soul is always free…

    I lay in bed and hear the soundsof the rain blowing through the wind, I fell asleep. I see an old Japanese man skipping rope in his white pajama. He laughs happily, his name is Kazhuo Ono. He asks if I want to join him. While I do so suddenly Anai, Nim and Rame walked into the dream. All we did was dancing circles of white light. Nim became the queen of the night without having said a word. It was beautiful, we all were one.

    I dreamed this in 1995