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25. 12. 2010

For some reason I’ve put the make-up earlier than usually. Perhaps I was tired of waiting for the show.
In my head – all the cities from the last two months.
I’m looking on my face in the mirror.
Yes, Harlequin, a peaceful mask. There’s nothing funny in the world. Good skin.
I’m capable of many things. And that’s better than most.
My muscles start to tremble. I begin to find my courage.
It’s about 50 minutes to the show and it’s silent in the dressing room.
I put my head on my arms and maybe I had a kip for a while…

There’s knock on the door, maybe it’s one of the technicians. „Yes“ – loud and bold – so that nobody thinks I’m afraid of being disturbed while concentrating on the performance.
A woman comes in gracefully. She’s tall and smooth. A pause.
It’s semi-dark in the room but I see her strong face. It’s my first wife from the distant past.
„Sorry, I came from far away, and the flowers here…. but I can’t stay to see the show, I fear I won’t be able to bear it. Oh, you have to prepare yourself?..“
I turn the chair to her but do not get up from it.
„No, Irina, I’m ready“
I haven’t seen her for ages. We didn’t write each other. I know how I’m looking with the make-up and I listen to my voice.
„How’s your life?“
„Thank you, it runs its course“
I badly need her to smile. She has nice clothes on and I’m a Harlequin made of dandruff from the past.
„How did you pass the guards“?
„I told them I’m your masseuse“
We should laugh here but we are both very constrained. The dressing room is filling up with Power.
Now I know what the show will it be. I get up while she’s looking at me and we’re flying apart into different worlds.
„Irina, I’ll open the door, so you can hear the music from the stage. Will you wait for me?“
„I think I’ll even have a nap“
God, what a happinness it is to be able to leave everything behind and go on stage… she wants to say something but I press the forefinger against her lips. It’s not scary at all. Harlequin can do anything.
I’m going toward the stage through the long corridor.
With every step a scream is born. It’s not right! My heart beats just like an explosion. I open my eyes: and yes, I was sleeping right in front of the mirror. Pieretta stands in the doors.
„What’s going on!? It’s time to start!“
I’m running behind her. She’s wearing a white dress and it seems to me that I’m chasing a butterfly.

Hoppy Kissmass!!!!!!!!!!!!

We didn’t have time to polish the new material for the album „Cat on Accordion“. Well, it doesn’t matter. Here you can listen to a draft of the song „Letter“:



Thank you for loving us.



Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Daniel Williams


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    хоботы с вешалок!
    паруса по ветру!

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    …sounds so sweet…may the text have to be read?