NOW - 31.12.2011 - Happy New Year!

31. 12. 2011


… You’re asleep.
Curled, embracing the pillow, deep under the blanket.
It’s late at night.
And you’re asleep,
And nobody knows who you’re going to be the next ringing morning.
What kind of chain armour you’ll be wearing by then. Will you be a politician, a faithful wife or an old man or… ?
You’re asleep. And the other one is sleeping too, the one you’ll see in the sight of a gun or the one at the shop, holding an avocado…
The only one, who will become a reason to miss the train…
Tonight we are just children.
It doesn’t matter how rich you see yourself in your dreams, no matter how big the painting over the bed. And the thrilled servants behind the bedroom door, changing your coffee cup every ten minutes to keep it warm, they do not matter either.
Just one bed for all, and one Home and one World.
We’re asleep and, oh God, let us stay so just a while longer, not to slip into the shells of our lives quite yet.
I know I’ll wake up and I’ll become the one who I must be, who I have to be, who I got used to being.
But now… there’s no war, no treason, no labour.
We’re asleep.
Like children,
And I want to be like you,
To love and to be loved.
May Those Who We Insult During The Day Forgive Us At Night!
They were sleeping during the night too and they were wishing me Well.
I’m asleep.

Happy New Year! …



Anton Adasinsky & Daniel Williams. Photo - S. NeuhausPhoto - Igor FominPhoto - T. BelousovaDEREVO's very first poster discovered in Bucharest. Photo - Igor FominMEPHISTO WALTZ. Photo - T. Belousova
From DEREVO Film DOPPIO. Photo - Anton AdasinskyPhoto - Nastya PonomarevaFrom DEREVO Film DOPPIO. Photo - Nastya PonomarevaHappy New Year! Photo - S. Neuhaus


Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Daniel Williams
Photo: Anton Adasinsky, Igor Fomin, Nastya Ponomareva, S. Neuhaus, T. Belousova
Video: Nastya Ponomareva



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  1. Галина Says:

    DEREVO, я люблю тебя!

  2. Новый год Says:

    АНТОН!!! Вы - ЖИЗНЬ!!! Свет!!! Вдохновение!!! ЛЮБОВЬ!!!

    Ваш Танец - это седьмое измерение!!!

    Со сказочным Вас НОВЫМ ГОДОМ!!!


    И нового танца рождение под счастливой Звездой!!!

  3. Наталья Says:

    С НОВЫМ ГОДОМ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Спасибо Вам, что Вы есть!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Здоровья и самого -самого лучшего, что только может быть в этом мире!!!!!!!!
    Люблю !

  4. Die Mühsalrinne Says:

    Der Weg führt ins Ungewisse,
    aber der Weg der ins Ungewisse führt,
    der führt auch ins Ungewisse.
    Das ist kein Paradoxon,
    aber es ist eins.
    Die Mühsal kann gehen,
    aber wir gehen auch mit ihr mit.

    Der Mühlsalrinn

  5. Der Einsame Says:

    Der weg des Dichters beginnt
    dort, wo