NOW - 04.09.2006

04. 09. 2006

NOWThe 29th of August will come and we shall take seats in our bus and immediately visit everything: Loch Ness and the Sharmanka Theatre in Glasgow, and the House of Sir Walter Scott, and the Museum of Feathers and.. and… or so DEREVO thought to itself at the beginning of August. Then there were the twenty four performances of KETZAL at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. On August 29 the disciplined but half-dead of tiredness DEREVO approached the bus. The keys weren’t there. We searched for them but not really intensively and went back to sleep…

We dreamed five dreams, fragments I’ll try to tell.

A doctor’s room. The right hand must be amputated. The question is – what should be left? They suggest some stump. I don’t like the idea. I don’t want to have anything at all up to the shoulder. So it would be much more theatrical. During the discussions I cannot stop myself gazing at the view behind the doctor’s back. There is a hole in the wall and there is a stage. I see KETZAL. Di is dancing in place of me. I weep.

She’s lying sideways in a puddle. The water is soft and oily. She doesn’t dare to raise her head, because her face will remain in the water.

She’s flying down towards a green field. It’s starting to rain. She
flies amidst the raindrops and with the same speed.

Di is driving some airplane. The gunner is pressing his back against the back of Di. They are like Siamese twins. They fly somewhere in the night. Suddenly – it becomes very bright all around – they are caught in a ray of light. Then – waiting for the shot. The back of the fellow becomes warmer.

It’s bright and noisy. Lots of everything and everything is very fast. There are five suns in the sky and the clouds are swiftly flying over in circles. Several faces are approaching – all have small evil moustaches. I need a flag – thinks Ga, of course a flag! It’s not good – going to the Pole without a flag…

Alisa fell asleep in a bath, frozen and remembers no dreams.

Max was looking for the keys.

KETZAL. Edinburgh. Photo - Anna BogodistKETZAL. Edinburgh. Photo - Anna BogodistKETZAL. Edinburgh. Photo - Anna BogodistEdinburgh. Photo - AlisaEdinburgh. Photo - DiKETZAL. Edinburgh. Photo - DEREVOKETZAL. Edinburgh. Photo - Anna BogodistEdinburgh. Photo - DEREVOEdinburgh. Photo - Anna BogodistKETZAL. Edinburgh. Photo - DEREVOKETZAL. Edinburgh. Photo - Anna BogodistKETZAL. Edinburgh. Photo - DEREVOEdinburgh. Photo - DEREVOKETZAL. Edinburgh. Photo - Anna BogodistEdinburgh. Photo - DEREVOEdinburgh. Photo - Alisa

Photo - Anna Bogodist, Di, Alisa and/or DEREVO

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  1. Arefieva Olga Says:

    Хорошие такие. Замученные. Понравились фотки 16, 11, 13. Антон с маленькими губами и большим носом, глаза смотрят внутрь, внутри сладко.. То, что на сцене - какое-то отчуждённое. Было круто, но не с нами. Было блестяще, но не для нас. Получится ещё когда-нибудь так же, как на “Красной зоне” в Москве? Чем за это надо заплатить? Оно есть?
    Кашляю лягушками и общаюсь с Белковым ангелом. В профиль он конь, а в анфас человек. Привет от Ефросиньи, которая живёт на бумаге.

  2. Olga Petrakova Says:

    Derevo. You warm my heart just by being. Never saw your work live, have your promo DVD, lived with your website from the early days of its existence. Harbor the wish of bringing you to Los Angeles, properly, wholesomely. Working on that dream. Experimental Venue RedCat is my hope. We shall see. There are talks of Russian Theatre Festival in three years. Let it be, let it be, let it be. Would love to see you and Akhe there. Our path will cross one day, somewhere, on this planet. Perhaps in Piter, I haven’t been home for over 13 years. Ono sends his love, Las Vegas is drinking his blood, he remembers once. Once.