NOW - 28.08.2013 - Future

28. 08. 2013

I never cared about the future:
When I leave I’ll take the whole world with me.
On my way to heaven I’ll drink a cup of tea and I’ll stop the war.

But now it’s different.
Children were born and their solitude will remain when Lena and I are gone.
I never asked my Mom: ‘Why did you bring me into the world?’
And they wouldn’t ask either.
They’re great and happy like any children.

So what can I, you, we do for them?
Nothing, actually.
Just remove all the everyday trash from our lives.
Just race with them on all fours, just listen to their laughter and their crying.
And just be ready to tear to pieces anyone who would want to hurt them.
These are the fangs that I’m talking about.
Don’t wait for someone to bring help or change: that’s inside you, inside us.
Clench your fists, learn to do it, even if it never was needed before.
Fight for the happiness of your children, for our own happiness that we already fucked up.
Get into your coffin without a snotty nose full of self-pity but with a satisfied feeling of tiredness: the job has been done well!

Slava Polunin. St. Petersburg. Photo - Yulia BunakovaElena Yarovaya. St. Petersburg. Photo - Yulia BunakovaSlava Polunin. St. Petersburg. Photo - Yulia BunakovaDavid & Arthur Adasinsky. Photo - Elena Yarovaya

Slava, this is to you:
We’ll do whatever we can to help you win the Trickster-Circus over to your side.
Just to hear the children’s voices again:
– Dad, let’s go to the circus!



Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: David Kemp
Photo: Yulia Bunakova, Elena Yarovaya


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  1. владимир Добросмыслов Says:

    Очень интересно, когда понимание истины приходит от туда откуда её и следовало ожидать.

  2. жан мельников Says:

    … капля живительной влаги пролетает малую малость, а уже пол жизни пронеслось , перо выцарапывает первое слово в мемуарах вечности…никогда не поздно… никогда не рано…только здесь и только сейчас.

  3. Antonio e Cristina Says:

    hi Lena and Anton,
    thank you for what you have done and you are still doing, for your lifes … we’ll be always dancing together inside this big circus where ever we are.

  4. Денис Says:

    Антон, пиши еще! Пиши больше!
    Ты такого уровня человек и артист, что все тобой сделанное (и написанное в т.ч.) познавательно и полезно многим!