NOW - 28.07.2014 - Let’s know each other

28. 07. 2014

Elena Markova & Anton Adasinsky with students. St. Petersburg 2003. Photo - Elena Yarovaya


A Bull engages the same force to see and know an Eagle, as an Eagle does for a Bull”
Alejandro Jodorowsky, ‘The Holy Mountain’

“- How could you lie to a child?
- I can’t wait till she’s grown up”
Barmaley, ‘Aybolit-66′

Good and knowledgeable people leave.
Now Elena Markova has gone.
Her articles in Russian can be found here:
How many of you had a chance to meet her in person? Only a few I suppose.

And listening to her, it was the golden hours of our profession. Each time her analysis of DEREVO’s work pushed us to the next level. Conversations and interviews with her helped me to find the idea of an “emotional statuary”. And we too, at DEREVO, called it a “screaming obelisk” or a “crying stone”. And this attempt to break out of the dusty orbit of le mime statuaire was successful. We have become very strong in the stillness…

In person, it’s different when you work or talk to someone.

Three days of working with Grotowski personally gave more to us – DEREVO – than all his books and videos.
In just four hours, Jodorowsky blew my mind further than with his ‘Santa Sangre’.
That’s the reason I want you to meet each other and meet the Knowledge bearers, in person… In short, I’ll work as the procurer…

There’s a workshop in October in St Petersburg. That’s the chance »»

In August we’ll have another beauty in the old centre of Dresden – White Fortress II. Blind Rain.

In September a big improvisation at the wine festival in Radebeul near Dresden; the wine festival!!.

Independently and in parallel, Lena Imamova and Kolya Zapolskikh are working on a book of my short stories, ‘Back to the Sun’. And Makhina Dzhuraeva and Pavel Alekhin are busy in the museum and libraries of Mikhail Chemiakin at his mansion in France, growing cleverer every day under Mikhail’s eagle eye.

And I’m tormenting myself in Spain with the screenplay of the film ‘DOPPIO’.

Let’s know each other!



Geranium in Spain. Photo - Elena YarovayaAnton Adasinsky & Prof. Elena Markova. St. Petersburg, 2002. Photo - Elena YarovayaKnecht by M. Chemiakin with P. Alekhin & M. Dzhuraeva. Photo - D. PandurskiAnton Adasinsky, Slava Polunin & Mikhail Chemiakin. Photo - Elena Yarovaya
Improvisation. Photo - Elena ImamovaPhoto - Elena YarovayaShadows of M: Chemiakin & A. Adasinsky. Photo - Elena YarovayaPhoto - Elena Yarovaya


Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: David Kemp
Photo: Elena Yarovaya, Elena Imamova, D. Pandurski


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