NOW - 04.01.2015 - Happiness for everybody…

05. 01. 2015

Happy New Year 2015


I wrote and wrote for two days about what was strange this year
and about the “Story of a Girl”
and about friends in Kiev
and about instincts
and about frozen time
about friends and career…
lots of things

I wrote and looked at the cabbage on the window sill

It’s useless!
Just as well I could simply write “Happy New Year!”
But that seemed too small to me

Suddenly, having no more thoughts of my own
I’d rather repeat someone else’s words, quite like Redrick Schuhart did:

“…But if you really are… all-powerful… all-knowing… then you figure it out! Look into my heart. I know that everything you need is in there. It has to be. I never sold my soul to anyone! It’s mine, it’s human! You take from me what it is I want… it just can’t be that I would want something bad! Damn it all, I can’t think of anything, except those words of his… ‘HAPPINESS FOR EVERYBODY, FREE, AND NO ONE WILL GO AWAY UNSATISFIED!’”

(from ‘Roadside Picnic’, Arkady & Boris Strugatsky, transl. Antonina W. Bouis)


Text: Anton Adasinskiy
Photo: Elena Yarovaya


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