Dima Tyulpanov has left this world

08. 02. 2015

Dmitry Tyulpanov. Photo - Dmitry Konradt

Yesterday our friend and partner on the stage, one of DEREVO’s co-founders, left this world - Dmitry Tyulpanov

His heart

A month ago, Andrey Gladkikh and I together began work on the documentary RED ZONE - our very first performance
There will be lots about Dima
The film is not finished yet

And we bow to Idit Herman - his wife who nurtured his talent and his daughter, who accepted and bore his Derevo-like way of life

Lena, Tanya, Anton & Alexey

..and the sky begins right from the ground…


Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: David Kemp
Photo: Dmitry Konradt
Video: Andrey Gladkikh (cut & new sequences)



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  1. Adam Says:

    Dear Dimska, some things are just unexplainable, I will miss you with my heart, and nurture what you have so generously passed on, in wisdom and love your friend Adamski xxxxxx

  2. Pino Says:

    Dearest Djimke! With great saddness I read here that you have finished your visit on this planet. Your magical visit will remain in my heart always, and I am sure in the hearts of who have had the privilege to have met you. I will always remember your amazing presence on stage. Although I haven’t seen you for many years, I still remember your kindness, and your happiness of meeting your beautiful Idit!. I will pray that the saddnes in her heart, and your daughter’s, will soften one day. Tanya, Lena, Anton, I will think of you all too. Mnoga Lubloe, Pino

    I still have the blue postcard on my wall, with you 4 on it…

  3. Ordie Says:

    Дима, счастливого пути.

    Видео ваши вызывают раздражение. Не передают ничего и даже минус.

    Все равно хорошо.

  4. Гера Says:

    ДЕРЕВО это вечно-новая форма искусства, которое постоянно раздражает и заставляет нервную систему перестраиваться ради не то, чтобы покайфовать от представления, но для чего-то большего и не всегда моментально понятого, наверно язык тела головой не воспринимаем… Вот смотрел я КЕЦАЛЬ в 2007 году, и лишь сейчас чего-то там стало доходить невидимое. Долго как… но своевременно.
    Ребята, Вы не умираете. Вы не можете умирать. Я в это не верю :(