Happy New Year? / DEREVO’s petition

05. 12. 2017

DEREVO at Hellerau. Photo - Elena Dolmatova

Happy New Year?

I’m not sure if it’s true for DEREVO right now.

Dear friends and colleagues!

It’s always a pleasure to get some presents for Christmas or New Year.

First of all you never know what’s inside!

So we got an unexpected ‘present’ as we found out from newspapers (!) three days ago (!) that our funding by the City of Dresden has been cut entirely with immediate effect and what’s even more devastating – our contract with the Cultural Centre Hellerau will not be renewed after mid 2018

Yes, it’s gonna be a long, noisy story and I don’t understand right now if it’s just politics or ‘personal factors’. Anyway, it shouldn’t be so easy to kick-out a world-famous company such as DEREVO.

I don’t quite know how to react myself but I’m sure that you, who know DEREVO and who want the work of our theatre to continue, will know what to do.

There’s little time left.

Read, decide, discuss, forward it to your friends. Sign for us, please.

Thank you!

Anton Adasinsky

And of course we’d like to invite everybody to the open air action “With No Moon” (Kein MondTag) on December 21st at 19:00 at the Festspielhaus Hellerau.

26, 27 & 28 December 2017, 20:00 – the premiere of the new show “Current Intensity” (Der Strom). Its open rehearsals have already taken place at Hellerau in September this year.

Current Intensity is a show about the River of Time, where an all-year navigation is allowed but it can’t be recommended to go on a voyage there, for no anchor will hold

And there are no harbours..

29 December 2017, 20:00 – Last Clown On Earth

30 December 2017, 17:00 – Harlekin. Come with your kids and grandmas.

Order your tickets for all shows on-line here » »

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