СЕЙЧАС – 02.04.2007

02. 04. 2007

NOWПосле проекта «Mad_in_Japan» в Питере DEREVO приехало в Японию с проектом «Mad_in_Russia». И много чего случилось в эти дни. Об этом - в следующих новостях. А пока – просто фото.


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Текст: Антон Адасинский
Фото: Елена Яровая, Хидео Танака, DEREVO и другие.
Дизайн фото: Елена Яровая

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  1. Esparta Says:

    I just want to say… Please take off the photo in which i am naked!!!
    Not, it doesn`t true …cos in fact i am so… i mean, still i feel the timeless wonderfull DEREVO spirit. ..Years ago i went, but very late to a Derevo conference in Queretaro, i remenber very well the atmosphere that was let it there (a strong meeting…with a surprised audience by the clear, pragmatic responses without clasical euphemisms) … i tried to recuperate the talk but i just heard like “leyends” about your way to do performences(one was that all of you spent a lot of time hanging up by the foot!!)
    i just catch some Anton`s idea about men has been lost in a battle-life but iven reconizing that he must go on… something like that, but always i try to do whitout forget it…
    later (two years ago?) i saw another Derevo performance in the City and also full me of joy and sweet pain of nostalgy… But now here in Japan i could be more close(i mean naked) to my misterius and loved group
    i just want to say that one each of you are a jewell(and rolling stone) a river
    hope to meet you some day and dance, dance, celebrate

  2. гала Says:

    поздравляю с голдмаск!!!!!молодцы!!!!