NOW - 20.06.2007

19. 06. 2007



B. Korea. People are light,
like the weight of a five year old child for an adult man.
A. If people will live like THAT, than it is good to live.
B. They like colourful things and white gloves.
A. Every day – thousands of clear deeds and visits.
They weren’t a result of rules,
planning of the future…
B. And they run – the sharp elbows up and down…
Half past four in the morning.
Rush hour.
Living round-the-clock.
A. No, everything was happening now,
and with you,
and with that man,
and with that air that was right next to you.
B. Any time you go out of the hotel it’s a joy for the eyes – you’re not alone.
Someone is running,
someone is eating, another one is drawing a crocodile on the sand.
A. This made us drunk and clean.
We were dancing everywhere for everyone.
There was a wonderful improvisation at dawn on the island…
B. In a theatre – childish faces of technicians of all ages.
The only chance to draw their attention is to start doing everything
by yourself.
They don’t think words are significant.  
A. Humour is a mind game. It’s about representing the everyday, the banal, the obvious in an unusual way. There’s nothing like that in Korea.  Just because they have no the ”usual” or “yesterday“.
B. Fewer and fewer socks.
In every new theatre one of them is digging itself into some chink.
Four singles: violet,
and striped.
A. They uncovered the eyes of the Grin’s boy and showed him a sunset.
“Don’t be afraid  – it will come back…”
What to know?
How to forget?
To cry and to shout at the Sun together with the birds in the evening “Don’t go away!”
The mind game…
B. I see the difference between socks and swans.
A. I want to return there.
In my dreams.


Original text: Anton Adasinsky, Buda
English text editor: Jennifer Williams
Photos: Elena Iarovaia, Alisa
Photo design: Elena Iarovaia

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  1. Зоя Says:

    Take Care The Road You Choose
    Written by Richard Thompson

    If I ever get out of these shoes
    And I shrug off a skin or two
    I’ll come looking in the wasted places
    Beat-up, last ditch rendezvous

    If it had been some other place
    Some other time to find me
    If I had been in my right mind
    Not looking for ghosts behind me

    Then I’d hold you with my fingers burning
    Kiss your little tears of yearning
    But sometimes there’s no turning
    Take Care The Road You Choose

    If I ever get out of my mind
    Guillotine myself to stop me dreaming
    And let my heart go where it will
    Without those other voices screaming

    Some take the high, some take the low
    Some take the straight and narrow
    Some still standing at the crossroads
    Some fly like an arrow

    With my radar I’ll find you, darling
    No regrets to blind you, darling
    And never look behind
    Take Care The Road You Choose

  2. reverof Says:

    On my god!!
    I’d just found your text (song?) about korea, so I am deeply impressed, happy and thankful to you !!

    I’m korean
    I became your huge fan after 2001 ‘Once’
    I’ve waited for your new play since 2003 (’La Divina Commedia’ in LG artcenter)
    unfortunetely, I didn’t go Busan and Chunchun Mime Festival last month

    Thank you for visiting Korea and leave message in your homepage
    See you later in Korea !!


  3. DEREVO Says:

    you are welcome!

  4. Psalm Says:

    Ihr habt Euch echt was getraut,

    doch nun sind auch andere dran,

    die Euch wahrscheinlich in Nichts nachstehen werden.

    Es brennt unter meinen Sohlen,

    doch es sind nicht die Antworten,

    das sage ich dir.

    Ein Gott war zu finden auf einer Straße

    er schaute mich nicht an,

    er log auch nicht,

    indem er mir zu deuten schien,

    nichts zu sagen, was er nicht schon gewußt.

    Doch nun nach alledem,

    kann ich nur sagen,

    er hatte einen schlechten Atem,

    voller Feuergesang,


    was für eine Abscheulichkeit,

    was für eine,

    aber reden wir von etwas anderem,

    wie wäre es,

    redeten wir über das,

    was sein wird?

  5. Arefieva Olga Says:

    Проснулась бумажной. Часы шли, но время встало. В картонном доме всё было плоским, руки тоже были из страницы. Из бумажных листков были сделаны животные оригами, они самостоятельно ходили, женились и ели друг друга. Она жевала край своего платья со вкусными цветочками и кормила рисунками двумерную собаку. Когда та поворачивалась носом, то превращалась в отрезок. Ефросинья обнаружила что окружена каким-то текстом, и попыталась его разобрать. Буквы были большими, она больно ушиблась о твердый знак. На книгах стояла печать “не читать”, на еде – табличка “образец не продаётся”. Она обняла себя и поняла, что забыла, что такое «быть».

    Фсё, ура, моя книжка выходит в сентябре.
    Вначале бдения над редактурой, потом над обложкой. Осталась еще верстка. Обложка теперь такая:

    А вот тут наши новые фотографии с последнего выступления:

    Обнимаю совсем уже издалека.

  6. Mino Says:

    Hi~ there- *

    This is Mino in Korea.

    Can you still remember me? ^^

    After 2007 chunchoen mime festival , i’m working for KT (Korea Telecom) which is one of the best IT company in korea as a intern.

    how was it going?

    how was DEREVO’s brazil tour?

    I’m still remember all the things we’ve done.

    Derevo was the best performer i’ve ever seen.

    Take care_ and i’m look forward to seeing u again - !

  7. DEREVO Says:

    we’re OK. thanx for your kind words. just keep looking here for more news