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New film crowdfunding campaign ends in 4 days

29. 01. 2019, 02:22 | by DEREVO

Ticket to La Divina Commedia - Film tests - Crowdfunding campaign

Friends, there are 4 days left to the end of the project!

We are very happy and we have already collected more than we expected! 112 percents!

Yet, let’s surprise us and yourself and beat the record! We continue the shootings and film tests in the faraway country. And keep correcting the script and in March we are meeting with Boris Kazakov - a wonderful cartoon-artist! I hope he will be able to participate in the shootings.

Please, pay attention to the changes in the category “Rewards”. You still have the chance to get them.

Thanks once again!

Stay in touch with us. It is important to have like-minded folks around!

Ticket to La Divina Commedia - Film tests - Crowdfunding campaign

Time and me

31. 12. 2018, 17:03 | by DEREVO

DEREVO poster by GiperPuper (СВОИ Group)

My third congratulating message for The New Year!

I have felt many different things during my stage practice, but this letter I am writing with heartbeats and with a long forgotten feeling of a childish joy. As if with every letter I uncovered the engine of “Breguet14” and built a bonfire under the bonnet. The morning is sparkling and the sky is awaiting!

DEREVO company performed for the first time in 1988 in Leningrad. Elena Yarovaya, Tanya Khabarova, Dima Tyulpanov, Alexey Merkushev and me. How and why did we meet — nobody of us could ever explain.

I was 29 years old.

Half of my life I have spent on stage performing in front of people.
But there is one life. And one World.
18th November 2018, in Dresden, I have stepped on stage as an actor and director of DEREVO company for the last time. From 2019 onwards, DEREVO will function as a “production company”, “DEREVO presents”. I will help actors to create new shows and when possible, present them on stages of the world

Thirty years of a long road. An astonishing, happy, unpredictable one.

Thirty years of living a Fairytale.

The name DEREVO should stay in this untouchable and unreachable fairytale.

What’s next? Don’t know yet. Freedom, smile… Performances? Cinema? Guitar? Photography? Directing? A book?..

Let’s see. However, it will be no longer DEREVO, but me – Anton Adasinskiy – with everything that I would still like to transmit to people. And with everyone who feels passionate towards both worlds and despises laziness.

And a school. I will apply my all efforts to found my own school. People, who are interested in the principles of DEREVO’s work, must receive the knowledge at first hand. And not let it drop.

I don’t hide myself behind the waterfall pressing my body against a wet rock. I am nearby.

About four hundred people worked and performed with me during these wonderful years. A low bow to all of them!

Of course, I would be unspeakably glad if six well-fit, bald recruits would knock on my eyes and would want to dance “Islands” or “Ketzal” or “La Divina Commedia”. Sure! Let’s do it!

And once again, I would see on stage the same splashes of body quality, cleanness and an uncompromising attitude of artistic intentions as it was in DEREVO.

And now, I wish to all creators, during this time of troubles, to have wonderful shows with fine Romanticism! And Light, Music, Sincerity. And endless faith in the fact that You are making this World better.

Go practice!

Anton Adasinskiy
29th December 2018.
Dresden. Sunrise.

Previous congratulations to the New Year from Anton you’ll find on his Instagram or on DEREVO’s Facebook

Anton Adasinsky’s Workshop, Dec 8&9, 2018 - St. Petersburg (only in Russian)

16. 11. 2018, 16:21 | by DEREVO

Anton Adasinsky's Workshop

The next workshop by Anton Adasinsky & DEREVO will be taking place in St. Petersburg, on Dec 8&9, 2018. Only for russian-speaking audience.

Full information and registration form in Russian »

HARLEKIN shows cancelled in Moscow 28 & 29 October 2018

24. 10. 2018, 23:32 | by DEREVO

Photo - Anna Bogodist


We apologise to all our friends and fans in Moscow for having to cancel the shows of HARLEKIN on 28 & 29 October 2018, which were scheduled as part of the BIG BREAK Festival (Bolschaya Peremena).

Unfortunately, the new managing company has been assigned by a state tender just a couple of weeks prior to the festival start. Why it has been done so late we don’t know.

The new company “Zapomni” and its General Manager Yaroslav Davlyatov was unable to find a solution to continue the work started by the original festival’s crew, our friends, people who invented and tended the festival for twelve years.

We hope next year will bring some positive changes.

Sincerely yours
Anton Adasinsky
DEREVO founder and director

[full text in Russian can be found here]

Anton Adasinsky’s Workshop, May 19&20, 2018 - St. Petersburg (only in Russian)

24. 04. 2018, 01:42 | by DEREVO

Anton Adasinsky's Workshop

The next workshop by Anton Adasinsky & DEREVO will be taking place in St. Petersburg, on May 19 & 20, 2018. Only for russian-speaking audience.

Full information and registration form in Russian »

23. 03. 2018, 16:17 | by DEREVO


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NOW - 22.02.18 - Footprints and skis

22. 02. 2018, 23:58 | by DEREVO

Snow. Photo - Katja Pietrusky

I was waiting so much for the snow
It came in the night. Probably.
Quickly and a lot.
I dressed, ran to the park and dashed towards the café crunching the whiteness under my feet
After a hundred meters I turned around and froze
The black chain of footprints resembled a hieroglyph from an unknown language
I had turned on time
The hieroglyph was complete
Carefully stepping in my own tracks, I went back to the start
Standing there I’m smiling, but my heart is pounding wildly
I can’t go sideways - it’s a one way path
I’ve already walked through it – you can’t do it twice
And I can’t return home – that’s how old age is calling
The day was getting lighter. My feet were freezing. I didn’t move
A powerful burning in my groin spoke, told me me that the hieroglyph knew about me and was made not by footprints but a trail of black kisses.
I rang Renat. He is an actor – he understood everything.
In an hour he was there with a pair of skis
“These are old. You can have them”
He threw them to me to avoid coming too near and getting into something he would never be able to forget, then modestly left
And I glued the metronome of footprints together with ski tracks
It was just very important for me, that these two lines became a long “==” sign
I left the skis at the end of the trail and springing like a hare leapt off to the café.

The day begins from nothing.

Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: David Kemp
Photos: Katja Pietrusky

Check DEREVO Tour Plan for latest updates »»

With many shows in Dresden but also in Potsdam,
St. Petersburg, Voronezh & more

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NOW - 18.01.2018 - We know everything…

18. 01. 2018, 01:55 | by DEREVO

Photo - Elena Yarovaya


How wonderful. The number Pi!
Now we know everything!
No more secrets, everything has been revealed!
All questions answered!
Even if they were never asked!
Now we know names, prices, how many freckles Amelia has, the temperature on Phobos, we know that tomorrow is Tuesday,
We know Odin’s DNA, we know there are five fingers, six senses and seven sins.
We know four wives are allowed.
And that there will be no war on 16th of March.

We know that everything is possible!!
And we know that we don’t need to do anything.

People have made a lot!
So much. Much is already broken or rusted.
No problem! We’ll produce more!
Everything is counted, painted, discarded, bought, used, hidden, resold, shared, smothered in kisses and forgotten.


Photo - Elena Yarovaya


In Leipzig the police shot down a drone flying over the city centre.
It crashed with its cargo – a teddy bear.
Someone wanted to deliver a gift in an original way.
Well?? Come on, go to the shop, buy a second bear and march forward!
On foot, as you were!
To personally dispatch the gift into happy little hands.

That’s it!
Everybody’s free, at last.
No need to think or gossip, to search for the truth, clarifiy. Nothing to talk or exchange opinions about.

We know everything!



2017 for me was four kg of Plutonium.
Not enough critical mass.
And then, finally, it exploded, and this shimmering haze suddenly condensed in my head, the mosaic began to melt, and mixing in wonderful streaks, the lava of ravings and consciousnesses flowed down to the shore of my one and only river, hissed on the wet sand and began to cool.
I’ll wait for a while
And then I’ll hop over the still warm stone into the water
To bathe.


Photo - Julia Obraztsova


Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: David Kemp
Photos: Elena Yarovaya, Julia Obraztsova

New dates for DEREVO in 2018

can be found in our tour-plan here

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Happy New Year? / DEREVO’s petition

05. 12. 2017, 01:23 | by DEREVO

DEREVO at Hellerau. Photo - Elena Dolmatova

Happy New Year?

I’m not sure if it’s true for DEREVO right now.

Dear friends and colleagues!

It’s always a pleasure to get some presents for Christmas or New Year.

First of all you never know what’s inside!

So we got an unexpected ‘present’ as we found out from newspapers (!) three days ago (!) that our funding by the City of Dresden has been cut entirely with immediate effect and what’s even more devastating – our contract with the Cultural Centre Hellerau will not be renewed after mid 2018

Yes, it’s gonna be a long, noisy story and I don’t understand right now if it’s just politics or ‘personal factors’. Anyway, it shouldn’t be so easy to kick-out a world-famous company such as DEREVO.

I don’t quite know how to react myself but I’m sure that you, who know DEREVO and who want the work of our theatre to continue, will know what to do.

There’s little time left.

Read, decide, discuss, forward it to your friends. Sign for us, please.

Thank you!

Anton Adasinsky

And of course we’d like to invite everybody to the open air action “With No Moon” (Kein MondTag) on December 21st at 19:00 at the Festspielhaus Hellerau.

26, 27 & 28 December 2017, 20:00 – the premiere of the new show “Current Intensity” (Der Strom). Its open rehearsals have already taken place at Hellerau in September this year.

Current Intensity is a show about the River of Time, where an all-year navigation is allowed but it can’t be recommended to go on a voyage there, for no anchor will hold

And there are no harbours..

29 December 2017, 20:00 – Last Clown On Earth

30 December 2017, 17:00 – Harlekin. Come with your kids and grandmas.

Order your tickets for all shows on-line here » »

Anton Adasinsky on participation in the Cultural Forum in St. Petersburg, 2017

16. 11. 2017, 10:59 | by DEREVO


Dear organisers of the 6th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum!

Yesterday I spoke with Alexander Sokurov’s office. He does not take part in the forum. The reason for this is a letter signed by deputy of ministry of culture – Vladimir Aristarkhov, which he did not confirm but also didn’t deny. In the letter, several well-known directors, journalists, writers are called unwanted guests at the forum.

I do not see it’s possible for me to speak under the banner of the organisation which is called the Ministry of Culture. The organisation which still stays indifferent to arrest of my friends and colleagues K. Serebrennikov, S. Apfelbaum and A. Malobrodsky.

With all due respect to the participants of the “Circus and Street Theater” section, I apologise to my friends Slava Polunin, Joop Mulder, John Kilby, Horacio Czertok, whom I’ve been knowing for years and also to Natasha Tabachnikova, the organizer of this event. I hope for understanding.

I apologise to my spectators - they will receive information about the emergence (more precisely - about the revival) of street theatre in Russia in a different way. Either at my open lecture in St.Petersburg or through the internet. I’ll let you know in advance.

Please remove my name from the program of the “Circus and Street Theater” section of
VI St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum.

Anton Adasinsky
Tanztheater DEREVO


NOW - 25.05.2017 - Breaking News

14. 05. 2017, 20:25 | by DEREVO

Dear friends,

Right next there’s a premiere of Ana Sokolović’s Svadba (wedding) at the Dyagilev Festival in Perm.

There’s no more tickets available whatsoever, for ever and ever


Opera Svadba by Ana Sokolović. Director Anton Adasinsky, Musical director Theodor Currentzis. Perm 2017, Photo - Nikita Chuntomov


Why one would need to get married?

Tick the correct answer for you (a maximum of two checkboxes)

• Combine life paths (obsolete)
• Combine capital
• Combine glory
• Continuation of the species
• It’s time
• Registration
• Love
• Forced by parents
• The land question (bargaining for half a kingdom)
• Acceptance
• Lets do it!
• Other

There are stereotypes of social behavior, passionately hated by me.

In different cultures and peoples, the wedding is perceived in different ways.

Somewhere it is a festival, somewhere - the end of life, somewhere just a business agreement.
Somewhere polygamy, somewhere monogamy, somewhere monochrome, somewhere - three in one. With leaky laws, you can marry the deceased or marry a cat.
The whole story.

The Serbian version by Ana Sokolović is just one of the lines from this intricate folio.

Perfect in musical form, harmoniously and rhythmically throwing us into a Serbia which is no more, this “capella” work contains few words, which is how it should be in the forms of rituals, tunes, dialects, lamentations.

Music itself is an inviolable Cosmos. But one day someone could not resist and shoved the word “meaning” into it.

Opera is one of the well-aged heirs of this error.

And it took me into two worlds.

The first - domestic: the story of the heroine and her girlfriends. A history of lives.

The other - operatic: there is Music and Voice. It’s another hypostasis, emasculated.

A history of symbols, it also has the right to exist, but without the first world, is uninteresting.

For a long time I’ve practiced the stage arts, but still haven’t decided for myself what the relationship between man and the theatre is. The combination of reality and unreality is what interests me. And this production is another attempt to understand that,

What is art,
What is music,
What is singing,
What is human life.

Sokolovich’s “Wedding” - a hymn to the hopes of Women.
But they don’t come true for her.

And in a small two-story greenhouse, time will get intertwined.
Above - Notes, Throats and the anguish of operatic powder, searching to become natural.
Below - the same thing, but running on the crooked tracks of time, our lives.
From the sweaty phone booth and - “where did you hang out?” - to the marriage trap.

This is a dance of the five gateways of life. Five girls.

Childhood, adolescence, the WEDDING, everyday life and finally … through pots and pans and a belief in the next day - to meet with a gnarled old woman.

“As they say, the story is “set in stone”.

I’m not a director. I’m an actor first of all. And a dancer. In my company, DEREVO, I’m called “colander” because I sift out all kinds of rubbish, leaving only the best.

And it’s not so important that the viewer understands me literally.

It is important that during the rehearsals something happened in the girls and singers, and they remember this time.

The rest is on stage.


Translated by David Kemp


Opera Svadba by Ana Sokolović. Director Anton Adasinsky, Musical director Theodor Currentzis. Perm 2017, Photo - Nikita Chuntomov Opera Svadba by Ana Sokolović. Director Anton Adasinsky, Musical director Theodor Currentzis. Perm 2017, Photo - Nikita Chuntomov

Opera Svadba (wedding) by Ana Sokolović.
Musical Director: Teodor Currentzis
Director: Anton Adasinsky (DEREVO)
Chorus Master: Olga Vlasova
Set Designer: Pavel Semchenko (AKHE)
Lighting Designer: Alexei Khoroshev / Igor Fomin (DEREVO and others)

Dancers incl. Makhina Dzhuraeva, Anna Budanova, Tatyana Luzay, Alexey Popov.

Opera Svadba by Ana Sokolović. Director Anton Adasinsky, Musical director Theodor Currentzis. Perm 2017, Photo - Nikita Chuntomov

In June 2017 Anton Adasinsky with the Students of his «DEREVO School on Wheels» are to perform a big series of open-air actions at the AVANTGARDENS Festival in St. Petersburg


June 9th

Dance action dedicated to stubbornness, a split personality and the heavenly bastards.
Music - Vladimir Volkov (double bass, voice)

June 10th

We are told there
We are told we must
We are told we cannot speak
We are told
Don’t you dare
On the wall there is a fist
Youth has no dusty memorial

June 11th

This dance is about muscles, joints, pulse and blush, about shoulders and hugs, coughing and laughing, wince and desire. And the fact that the body’s language is still not available to us.

June 16th

You are a donor and a vampire
Mother and father
Finger and ring
Cheek and slap in the face
God and the Devil
You are always two
This is the madness of the Force
Let it sparkle!

June 17th

I am the king of nature, I am a man
I feel like I can’t stay sitting
We must create, sell, buy, break and build
I am the master of the illusion of activity
All grief and bubbling
And only after dinner will I calm down for an hour, digesting like a coiled snake hat
And, having drunk a cup of tea, I will stop the War

June 17th
Live concert of the AVIA & Anton Adasinsky

In August 2017 Anton Adasinsky premieres his LAST CLOWN ON EARTH at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe at Pleasance One.


Please check DEREVO Tour-Plan for all confirmed dates / appearances of DEREVO & Anton Adasinsky



Opera Svadba by Ana Sokolović. Director Anton Adasinsky, Musical director Theodor Currentzis. Perm 2017


Anton Adasinsky’s workshop in St. Petersburg, 23-24.5.2017 (only in Russian)

25. 03. 2017, 12:53 | by DEREVO

Anton Adasinsky. Photo: Lena Dolmatova

The next workshop by Anton Adasinsky & DEREVO will be taking place in St. Petresburg, on May 23d & 24th 2017. Only for russian-speaking audience.

Full information and registration form in Russian »

NOW - 20.03.2017 - I’m grown up now

20. 03. 2017, 01:33 | by DEREVO

CLICK for MORE. Photo - Elena Yarovaya


I’m grown up now. A proper superstar
I’m going to play a solo show
It’s called “Last Clown On Earth”
See those capitals in each word!

Anton Adasinsky. Photo by Elena Yarovaya

Even adults and all those serious people have to laugh then
like this

or like that

Then I’ll teach some dancing senses to the guys and girls in Dresden
(Click here for more information)

And on May 23rd and 24th there will be a Russian workshop in St. Petersburg. Details will follow.
I’ll tell about and show the Second Enemy, who’s scarier than the First and the Third.



DEREVO’s next appearances

22 - 25 March 2017, ERARTA Stage, St. Petersburg (RU)
LAST CLOWN ON EARTH // Tickets On-Line »

1 April 2017, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)
INOUTside, solo work by Makhina Dzhuraeva // More Info / Tickets »

3 April 2017, Drama Theater, Samara (RU)
LAST CLOWN ON EARTH // Tickets On-Line »

15 - 17 April 2017, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)
ISLANDS // Tickets On-Line »

Workshop by Anton Adasinsky / DEREVO in Dresden

25. 02. 2017, 18:42 | by DEREVO

DEREVO Workshop. Photo - DEREVO Archive

Workshop “DEREVO System”

Dresden 8 & 9 April 2017

In co-operation with the European Art Centre HELLERAU / Dresden

Venue: Rehearsal Studio of the Festspielhaus Hellerau, Karl-Liebknecht-Str 56, 01109 Dresden

DEREVO System works primarily with Body, Energy and Fantasy. The Workshop comprises complex exercises: body training, psycho-physics, imagination development. There’s also working with rhythm, musical textures and the basics of various dancing techniques. Particular focus is given to the daily influence of words, memories, speech, news on creative process within physical theatre

The Workshop is aimed at participants professionally interested in Dance and Theater, as well as filmmakers, performers and musicians.

There are 20 places available for participants, who take part in all physical & dance exercises. Additionally 10 places available for listeners, suitable for teachers, students, culture managers and so on. Maximum number of all participants is 30.

Workshop agenda:

Saturday 8.4.2017 / Sunday 9.4.2017
10.00 – 13.00 Training and practical exercises
13.30 – 17.30 Theory & practical exercises

Active participants must have comfortable shoes, training clothes, socks. Please do not use any perfume on you. You may bring a notepad and pens. All electronic devices must remain switched off during the workshop. Absolutely no photo, audio or video recordings allowed.

Workshop fee:

150,-€ active participants / 50,-€ listeners
(incl. Water, Tea, Fruits)
Concession for early bookings 10%: 135,- €*/ 45,- €* if your payment arrives before 19.03.2017

Workshop fee does not include accommodation costs.

Application submission is only possible through the web-form at

You may like to use some online translation tool to ensure to fill out the form fields properly.

Should you have any questions or require any support with your on-line application please contact Ms. Isolde Matkey in Dresden:
+49 351 4057474

Applications become valid as soon as the workshop fee is arrived at DEREVO’s account and you received a confirmation by e-mail with further details about the workshop.

Closing date for applications is April 6th, 2017

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NOW - 31.12.2016 - Happy New Year!

31. 12. 2016, 16:45 | by DEREVO


DEREVO lived through 2016 surprisingly happy!
A feeling of health and an empty head
and as a consequence ― a big smile!

‘La Divina’ and ‘Reflection’ have returned
‘Wolfhound Age’ in Moscow
Filming work, travelling in India and Spain
And so much more

A lovely December in Dresden ― the premiere of a new play by DEREVO:
‘Last Clown on Earth’ by Anton Adasinsky
Premiere of the duet by Makhina Dzhuraeva and Alexey Popov ― MORE
The DEREVO action with Pavel Semchenko (AKHE) ― ‘Moonless’

Thankyou to all our friends for the wonderful vibrations
Anna Bogodist
Isolde Matkey
Igor Fomin
Grigory Shmidko
Andrey Bobylev

And to everybody else!!!



Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: David Kemp
Photos: Katja Pietrusky, Roman Ekimov, Elena Yarovaya


Last Clown On Earth. Photo - Katja PietruskyKeinMondTag. Photo - Roman EkimovKeinMondTag. Photo - Roman EkimovKeinMondTag. Photo - Roman EkimovKeinMondTag. Photo - Roman Ekimov
Last Clown On Earth. Photo - Roman EkimovLast Clown On Earth. Photo - Elena YarovayaLast Clown On Earth. Photo - Roman EkimovKeinMondTag. Photo - Roman EkimovKeinMondTag. Photo - Roman Ekimov
Last Clown On Earth. Photo - Elena YarovayaLast Clown On Earth. Photo - Katja PietruskyLast Clown On Earth. Photo - Roman EkimovKeinMondTag. Photo - Roman EkimovLast Clown On Earth. Photo - Roman Ekimov
Last Clown On Earth. Photo - Katja PietruskyKeinMondTag. Photo - Roman EkimovKeinMondTag. Photo - Roman EkimovLast Clown On Earth. Photo - Roman Ekimov